Patrick Dempsey Fills Up & Smells Sweet

Did you guys realize that Patrick Dempsey had a fragrance out with Avon? In fact, the Grey’s Anatomy star has already launched his second with the cosmetics company, entitled Patrick Dempsey 2. Really? Nothing more creative came mind for a name? It’s a shame nobody consulted me, because then they could have triumphantly unveiled McSmellygood by Patrick Dempsey.

His first fragrance is Unscripted and Dempsey compared the two by saying, “Both of the fragrances are aspects of me, but this one is more complex. It pushes it a little further–it’s bolder, not as sweet, and more spicy.”

The actor goes on to say, “Unscripted is about the individual, while Patrick Dempsey 2 is about coming back to the person who makes you feel special; it’s about the importance of a union.”

Yes, that’s what you get when you mix notes of mandarin, saffron, spiced wood and patchouli. I’m kind of surprised that there’s not a teeny, tiny bit of gasoline in there, considering he’s such a gearhead.

Gallery Info: Patrick Dempsey stops for gas and puts air in a tire for his Porsche.