Patrick Schwarzenegger, Taylor Lautner, Alexander Ludwig & More Bring The Sexy To The NYC Premiere Of ‘Grown Ups 2′

Taylor Lautner Strips
Lautner shows off his rock hard abs for GQ.
It was clearly a boys fest last night (July 10) at the New York City premiere of Grown Ups 2.

While Salma Hayek tried to bring in some lady loving, the sexy star was clearly overshadowed by her male co-stars. It’s not her fault, there were just so. many. dudes. And most of them are pretty attractive.

Grown Ups 2 stars Patrick Schwarzenegger, Taylor Lautner and Alexander Ludwig were all suited up and looking fine on the red carpet. I’m glad Taylor opted not to wear the mask from earlier in the day. Also, Patrick, why are you wearing clothes? 

I thought we discussed the fact that everywhere you go you must be shirtless. Just remember that for the rest of the premieres, ok? Also, I know this is horrible, but I am really not digging Salma’s dress. You can take a look in the gallery. It doesn’t really hang well and that bizarre rope attached to it is just…well, bizarre.

Oh, and will someone please call me when Adam Sandler wears a suit to a movie premiere?  I mean I get casual, but come on man. It’s your movie!

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of the fellas and Salma on the red carpet. Think the suited up young guys are the most exciting? Are you gonna be checking out Grown Ups 2 when it opens? Let us know in the comments!