Patrick Schwarzenegger Brings His Smile To His First Movie Premiere, ‘Stuck In Love’

Shirtless Patrick Schwarzenegger
The hottie showed off his bod in Miami.
Everybody, Patrick Schwarzenegger is officially in the movie business!

Arnold’s son hit the red carpet last night (June 26) for the premiere of his first movie, Stuck In Love. And boy did he look excited about it. Patrick was all smiles as he strolled down the red carpet alongside co-stars Nat Wolff and Liana Liberato.

Oh, and just look at that tan. Clearly the family vacation is Monaco is responsible for his nice coloring. Well done sir. So, did you know Patrick got to punch someone in the movie? 

Nat told reporters that scene with the duo went a little astray with the fight choreography, “We had practiced it a bunch of times and then when we got really amped for the first take Patrick hit me across the face. It was really hard to the point if you freeze frame it you see spit coming out of my mouth! “Patrick kind of leans down to say, ‘Are you Ok?’ and I say, ‘Just keep going.’ Then afterwards I was sort of still in shock from the hit – I mean he is a Schwarzenegger! I said, ‘At least you weren’t wearing your rings’, and he said, ‘I am wearing my rings!'”

Well, now he can say that he was punched by a Schwarzenegger. That’s gotta count for something. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos from the red carpet. Will you be hitting the theaters for Stuck In Love? Let us know in the comments!