Patrick J. Adams Gets Serious On The Set Of ‘Suits’

On Set of 'Suits'
Gabriel and Patrick film the show!
Oh snap, y’all! There was some crazy stuff going on today on the set of Suits!

From what we can gather, Patrick J. Adams’ character is showing absolutely no remorse as someone he’s talking to gets arrested. I’m a little bit obsessed with Patrick’s super serious face. It’s all made better by his long jacket. Some how men in long jackets just look like they know what’s up.

Too bad that Patrick’s co-star Gabriel Macht wasn’t on set with him. 

I know it’s wrong to pick favorites, but Gabriel is probably mine. I mean, did you see him on set yesterday? Sexy things were happening. Now, why aren’t both Gabriel and Patrick spotted more time on the big screen? Clearly they’re talented and attractive, so what’s stopping them?

Maybe theirs Suits schedules are too hectic. And now that the show is coming back for another season, they’re probably really busy. Oh well. Launch the gallery check out all the photos of Patrick on set. The pics are a little spoiler-ish, but now you’ll just know what’s coming.