Patricia Heaton Gets Sued And Proves That She’s Mentally Challenged

Oh, Patricia Heaton. You remember her right? She spent most of the last decade and part of this one playing the wife of America’s favorite everyday man on Everybody Loves Raymond. Well, it seems that Ms. Heaton has gotten herself into a few pickles and only in the last week.

First, Patricia is being sued by her former personal assistant Jennifer Lee. According to TMZ, Jennifer says that she worked for her from August 2007 to Match 2009 and always worked more than the 15-20 hours a week she was hired for. She says that some problems arose with Patricia when she asked about her unpaid wages. Patricia then proceeded to fire her claiming that Jennifer’s child was becoming a problem because of the work schedule.

Jennifer obviously did not like that and is now suing her for at $7,425 in unpaid wages as well as for overtime and additional expenses. One of the best things Jennifer wrote in the lawsuit? “If the rich and famous wish to employ individuals to cater to their every need, they must also refrain from violating California’s wage and hour laws.” Amen.

So after this whole fun thing of getting sued, Patricia then went on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, where she proceeded to make an ass of herself on national television. Now, I hate math, OK? I wish it would go away, I don’t understand algebra, stuff like that. But come on, knowing some simple multiplication is necessary in life. Well, apparently for Patricia it’s not.

She looked like she was about to cry when this question popped up:
If a euro is worth $1.50, five euros is worth what?
A. Thirty quarters
B. Fifty dimes
C. Seventy nickels
D. Ninety pennies

Seems fairly simple, right? Wrong! It took her a ridiculous amount of time of whining, almost crying and yelling about how she’s really bad at math before trying to call her husband, who didn’t hear the question, and then Regis Philbin, the host, had to literally walk her through it.

Make sure to watch the cringe worthy video after the jump. Seriously. I think I’d feel worse about all of this if she didn’t seem like such a bitch and didn’t come off as really stupid. But since she did, I’m just gonna keep on laughing.

Check out the video of Patricia on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire after the jump.

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