Patricia Cornwell Fans Unhappy With Angelina Jolie

February 25th, 2010 // 5 Comments

Fans of Patricia Cornwell have something in common with Jennifer Aniston fans.  Angelina Jolie is on their shit list. 

Jolie is currently filming The Tourist based on Corwell’s bestselling crime novel and the readers think Jolie is a wrong choice for the main character. In the book the character of Kay Scarpetta is a middle-aged and petite woman, not exactly adjectives for the Tomb Raider star.

Fans have posted comments on the author’s website making it clear they are not happy and some intend to skip the film. Cornwell, who original wanted Jodie Foster but the actress passed, is pleased with the choice. I can see why. Angelina and her family’s move to Italy has given this film a ton of media attention before the cameras even started rolling and the paparazzi seem to be hanging around the set every day.

However you feel about Angelina you have to admit that these pictures of Pax and his little toy rat surprising her on the set are adorable.

Jolie is on her third day of filming the initial scenes of the movie in Paris while her costar Johnny Depp attends the premiere for Alice In Wonderland today.  Looks like it’s cold and rainy in Paris as she bundles up between takes and spends some time under an umbrella.

By Madison Ventura

  1. Jamie

    The Tourist is based on the French movie Anthony Zimmer which was written by Jerome Salle. Cornwell’s Scarpetta is still in development and has had trouble getting off the ground for many years. It is safe to say that without Jolie it would not get the green light.

  2. scotsgirl

    I have loved Cornwell’s books. But Jolie is wrong for this part. I will not see the character I have grown to love but Angelina Jolie playing her. What a shame. This has ruined the movies for me. I will pass on this farce. I guess like Pitt whatever Jolie wants Jolie gets. What a shame these books would have been great movies. No more. I will not pay money to go see Jolie do Jolie.

  3. Jarrome

    I disagree Jamie. Jolie is the last person I would cast as Kay Scarpetta. It just goes to show that Cornwell was thinking dollar instead of substance.

    There’s a ton of actress that would have done a better job of creating Scarpetta.

    It’s a movie I won’t go to see nor rent.

  4. Lola

    I haven’t read the books so I can’t comment on whether she’s good for the part or not, but “middle-aged and petite” sounds spot-on for Jolie. She looks much older than she is and is very petite.

  5. Patty Weaver

    Jolie is SO wrong for the part. Jody Foster wouldn’t work either, even if she had agreed. So many others should have been considered. Kay Scarpetta would have been good with Renee Russo playing the part.. She would have been my FIRST choice. Another would be Laura Linney. These two actresses are FAR superior to Jolie, who I consider second rate and probably over paid. The book via the author, presents a character and the movie has the obligation to follow up. I will not go to see Jolie no matter how much time and devotion I have given reading the series by Patricia Cornwell. I am one of millions who are truly disappointed……………………

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