Pat Sajak Talks About The Good Old Days Of ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ [VIDEO]

Pat Sajak brings me back to a time in my youth when Grammy would not let us watch anything else but Wheel Of Fortune.  Since it was her old folks community in Florida and we were guests, there wasn’t much we could do.  With that said, I’ve grown quite fond of Sajak over the years, and this video of him talking to Dan Le Batard of Dan Le Batard Is Highly Questionable is all the more reason to draw hearts all over his face.

Sajak told Le Batard that he and Vanna White used to get chocolate wasted at Mexican restaurant Los Arcos before taping each show in Burbank, CA back in the day (they would get two-and-a-half hour dinner breaks before taping). 

“When I first started and was much younger and could tolerate those things. We had a different show then.”  Sajak explained.”Vanna and I would … have two or three or six and then come and do the last shows and have trouble recognizing the alphabet,” he says. “I had a great time. I have no idea if the shows were any good, but no one said anything, so I guess I did okay.”


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