Past Love Affair Of A Newly Single Actress Resurfaces

May 16th, 2008 // 69 Comments

A reader sent in a dated, but juicy item about a newly single Hollywood leading lady. Granted, the subject header said “stirring up some old shit,” but since it’s newsworthy that said star is back on the market, we figured we’d share.

According to our tipster, she moved out to Hollywood back in 1996 and roomed with “a short pretentious black woman” whom we’ll refer to as Edina. Allegedly Edina met the A-lister at a concert where Edina was a singer and their relationship persisted on and off for about a year.

The superstar actress even bought a cabin in North Carolina (Edina’s home state) so that they could be together. But when the Tinseltown hot-shot wanted to get pregnant, the couple started squabbling and ultimately, the relationship came to an end as a result. However, they did manage to squeeze in an occasional tryst during the movie star’s pregnancy.

The little birdie told us, “Before that [Edina] liked the fellas but I guess if _____ has a crush on you, you consider switching sides.”

By Lisa Timmons

  1. jt_boi

    Jodie Foster!

  2. jt_boi

    Jodie Foster!

  3. T-Bone

    Sorry — Jodie never liked the fellas. Try again.

  4. Sam

    But wouldn’t Jodie Foster have moved out to Hollywood well before 1996?

  5. T-Bone

    OH WAIT — “Edina liked the fellas”. Oh ok, I get it. Sorry, my mistake. WEll then it could be Jodie.

  6. Disturbed

    Jodie Foster was in Hollywood LONG before 1996 – and she’s not a singer – wake up!

  7. lookalike

    It says Edina is a singer…not Jodie. Get it straight people! No pun intended. BTW, Jodie went away to school…she’s learned ya know.

  8. Hildabooze

    Its obvious that Edina is an anagram for Diane, but Diane who ?

  9. Cat

    Jada Pinkett-Smith….she is lead singer in a band, is short, and went to school in North Carolina…..

  10. Cat

    Jada Pinkett-Smith….she is lead singer in a band, is short, and went to school in North Carolina…..

  11. Cat

    Jada Pinkett-Smith….she is lead singer in a band, is short, and went to school in North Carolina…..

  12. tony the tiger

    I’VE GOT IT!!! A friend of mine who is senior executive at Disney confided in me that Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith (I may have her first name wrong) were both gay, had an arranged marriage and kids but are still gay on the side. I never believed it about Will but had heard from other people that Jada was mostly gay. This backs it up.

  13. MeMe

    Jada is still married, not newly single. Try again.

  14. jt_boi

    That’s why I said Jodie; she’s newly single and I’m pretty sure she was pregnant at least once. (I think she adopted one kid, but I am not sure.)

  15. Kate Hudson, anyone?

  16. sueno59

    Jodie Foster’s ex-girlfriend is a) White and b) a producer, not a singer. Get over Jodie Foster…it’s not her!

  17. OXA


  18. jt_boi

    But it says they only dated for a year. Jodie could have seen her before she hooked up with her most recent ex. I thought Kate Hudson at first, but was she big enough in the late 90s to afford to buy a girlfriend a house?

  19. MeMe

    Think about the last sentence. It has to be someone beautiful who’s been around for about 12 years or so. Jodie and Jada do not fit the bill. Kate Hudson has been around Hollywood her entire life.

  20. Lei

    Shania Twain

  21. Lei

    Shania Twain

  22. V.C.

    Well, well, well – now I understand the attraction between Tom Cruise and Will Smith….lol.

  23. me

    Jada Pinkett Smith. My friend was in the same circle as her in the 90′s and always alluded to the fact that Jada liked girls.

  24. hls

    An A-list, newly single superstar… Did Will and Jada split?

  25. anona

    J. Smith. Everyone knows Will and Jada go the other way. A friend of mine dated their nephew who was living with Will and Jada back in 01-02. She confirmed that both are gay and they swing. She said all KINDS of things were going on at the house. The kids are a little weird to me anyway and its no secret that Jada can turn up/down the femininty. Sometimes she looks like a young boy, sometimes like a woman. Yuck!

  26. Persistent Cat

    It’s not Jada Pinket Smith. Her and Will didn’t split and if they did, she’s not A-list. Only with him is she A-list. Other than the Matrix movies, I can’t think of anything she was in.

    And the last line of the item, about when —– has a crush on you, you switch. Jada is nowhere attractive enough to make any hetero woman consider it. That’s the only reason why I think it’s not Jodie Foster but maybe it is.

  27. vd

    it could be kate hudson as she did move out to hollywood around 1996 and now happens to be an A-list star. I did read somewhere that she has a home in NC.

  28. Matty

    um Kate Hudson was 17 in 1996 and probably living at home with her mother Goldie Hawn. She didn’t even have much of a career back then, so give that theory a rest…especially since there’s never been any indication that Kate likes girls.

    Jada and Will is old news, they don’t even look like they take the whole “straight married couple” thing seriously. By the way, Jada was already known as an actress in 96, so I don’t think “Edina” is her. Plus Jada is still married and this story is about the A list celeb.

    Edina said if the A list celeb “has a crush on you, you consider switching sides,” to me that means it would have to be someone who’s knock-out gorgeous, and Jodie Foster has never been that much of a knock out that she could make someone switch sides.

    Sharon Stone back then maybe, she was an A lister around that time and (still) gorgeous…but she’s not recently single and she adopted her Aryan clan, plus she’s always hinted at the bi thing so it wouldn’t be such a shock.

    So I think it’s someone not mentioned here. Think hard, who has recently split, has a child and could turn straight women gay?

  29. Katie

    Liv Tyler recently split with her husband. She was 21 in 1996…and she has a child. Plus was a model at the time…maybe her?

  30. hal

    Jodie Foster had a thing w/ Whitney Houston in the early 90′s. She is not attractive enough to divert someone’s sexuality, although maybe the last refers to her intelligence and star power rather than her physical composition. JF also did have child sometime in the 90′s – but don’t know if she was pregnant, or adopted.

    Whitney Houston is pretentious, but short?

  31. hal

    Jodie Foster had a thing w/ Whitney Houston in the early 90′s. She is not attractive enough to divert someone’s sexuality, although maybe the last line refers to her intelligence and star power rather than her physical composition. JF also did have a child sometime in the 90′s – but don’t know if she was pregnant, or adopted.

    Whitney Houston is certainly pretentious, but short?

  32. Nick

    It’s Rosie and Oprah!

  33. Karra

    I like the idea of Liv Tyler, Katie.

    I’m just not sure who it is. It’s definitely not Jada/Will Smith…. they’re both pretty well known to be gay, they’re not recently split, and Jada is not A-list.

    I can’t think of anyone else though…

  34. kelly

    you do realixe that it says this is a dated story.
    so its not jodie or liv, because that happened not to long ago

  35. DrunKen LauRen

    WELL you guys got his old brain of mine ticking… wow….

    Somewhere the article mentioned one of the other person being black… and most guesses above forget that small clue….
    come guys we need to figure this one out. I NEED TO KNOW…. YOU GUYS GOT ME SO CURIOUS….

    My votes:

    1. Whitney Houston (was an A-lister, was gorgeous, is a FANTASTIC singer, pretty much recently divorced, and did bare a child…..

    2. the country singer, S.T. sp??? she is hot, recently separated, bared a child and her lover could be black.

    2. Kate Hudson… she was 17 y/o in the 90′s but she could of used her momma’s money to buy house for her black girlfriend…..

    3. Jodie was pregnant in the 90′s I remember seeing her pics. Was cute in her day… not sure if i would say knock out though….

    Rosie and Oprah, LMAO…. good one

    Jada and WILL I hope NOT i luvs me some Will…. but someone mentioned the attraction between Tom and Will… makes me wonder, and it hurts cuz that would make sense and break my heart.


    T-bone, i always value your opinion, please get to thinking.

    J. feel free to email me… you have address…

  36. Sammy

    What about Andie MacDowell?

  37. DrunKen LauRen

    Lisa if you would please clarify:

    is FELLAS, men?
    is FELLAS, a female that is ugly in Spanish…????

    this clue would help…. PLEASE ANSWER!!!!!

  38. DrunKen LauRen

    SAMMY: who in the “F” is Andie MacDowell?

    is this andie a male, i believe the clues indicate a female.

  39. MikeInSanJose

    Andie McDowell is a female, did a few movies back in 80′s and 90′s, currently a spokesperson for some make-up or hair color company.

    She’s pretty gorgeous, late 30′s or 40-ish.

    And as far as the lady needing to be a knockout to get a straight girl to flip, I think lesbians aren’t quite as shallow as we gay boys. They seem to be attracted to stupid stuff like intelligence and personality. Yuk!

    (And a butt-load of money never hurts either)

  40. moi

    Ugly in Spanish is FEA not fellas…

  41. moi

    Ugly in Spanish is FEA not fellas…

  42. gimp1o3o4

    What about Penelope cruz (sorry about spelling) and for the short black lady Whitney did come to mind but what about so did queen latifal,Irene Cara, Sada

  43. miss smarty pants

    Sheesh. People never read what’s actually thre.
    This is the real question:

    What A-list actress is recently single, probably not originally from LA, and has a 9 or 10 year old kid who was natually born, not adopted?

    Here’s my analysis with facts from the blind item:

    1. The affair happened in 1996 or 1997, but
    the A-list actress is newly single right

    2. The A-list actress moved to Hollywood
    in 1996, no clue whether she was already
    an established actress.

    These facts are fluff and don’t matter:
    1. The girlfriend was a short, pretentious black
    woman we’re calling Edina. Edina met the
    A-List actress at a concert, where Edina
    was a singer. Not necessarily a name singer,
    just a singer.
    2. The A-list actress bought a cabin in North
    Carolina, where Edina is from.

    So let’s do the math. If their affair went on for a year, and the A-list actress got pregnant not too long after that, then 1996 plus a year = 1997. Then a bit of time to get pregnant, let’s say the kid was born in 1998 or 1999.

    That makes it not Sharon Stone (adopted kid), not Kate Hudson, not Jada Pinkett. And Andie McDowell is 50 and not A-list. How about Reese? I just don’t know.

    Jodie Foster – votes against:
    As pretty openly lesbian, a girlfriend in 1996 would not be a big scandal for her, so why bother to repeat it now?
    Her first kid was born around 1999, so that fits.
    She was born and lives in LA, so why would she have to “move out to Hollywood?” Silence of the Lambs was 1991, after all. You can say that she moved back after Yale, but she graduated in 1985. I vote no.

    Whitney Houston – votes against:
    Probably not considered an A-list actress.
    Her first movie was 1992 (The Bodyguard) but she did TV in the 80′s.
    Would we call her “recently” single? I vote no.

    Liv Tyler – votes against:
    her kid was born in 2004, she was born and lives in NYC, and she was 21 in 1996 by which time she had already done several movies, starting in 1993. I vote no.

    Someone solve, please!

  44. DrunKen LauRen

    Moi: thanks, I speak Spanish, but not a good speller.

    Hear I go w/my 2 cents, AGAIN:

    Jodie Foster and Whitney Houston.

    Jodie being the A-Lister and Whitney being the black singer. This could explain Whitney’s drug abuse… I’ve seen people loose themselves in drugs due to a TRUE love gone bad.

    So, Whiteney is coming back and Jodie (I think does not dig drugs) BUT now that Whiteny is clean (THANK YOU LORD, i am so happy for that) Jodie leaves her lover to be with Wit-Wit….

    ok peeps your turn to shoot this one down or add gas to the fire!!!!!!

    Lisa can you @ least let us know if he are even close….

  45. miss smarty pants

    LauRen – The black singer was described as short, which doesn’t describe Whitney. Probably pretentious, though! Ha.

  46. miss smarty pants

    By the way, I’m reconsidering my arguments from earlier. The blind item only says “she moved out to Hollywood in 1996.” “She” could mean the A-lister, or the tipster. So that possibly shoots down some of my thoughts. Or not. Damn these blind items!

    I’m begging you, just tell us. I have to make myself pretty to go out! This could take hours!

  47. DrunKen LauRen

    one more guess, (till tomorrow of course):

    JADA and JODIE, but not making Will gay, just like all straight guys, he likes to see girl on girl….

    Miss smarty pants: plz give your in put…. have fun and be safe 2nite.
    p.s. its ok to call me D.LR. its a joke…

  48. PansyAston

    Since nobody here can spell or read, let’s go over this again:
    Character #1: Tinseltown hotshot, Hollywood leading lady, back on the market, newly single,
    pregnant @ 1997-98, presumably married at the time.

    Character #2: Short, pretentious black woman singer from North Carolina, previously hetero.

    Plot: The two characters met a concert in 1996, where #2 was performing, and began an affair
    lasting about a year, persisting through the star’s pregnancy. They used a cabin in North Carolina for trysts, bought by #1 for #2.

    So who’s the hotshot leading lady, newly single??

  49. coco

    It could be Jada Pinkett-Smith because it says that the star, not the singer, is back on the market.

    She is short, black and from North Carolina. She even attended North Carolina School of the Arts.

    Not sure who the A-lister is though.

  50. Colbert

    Blind, the whole lot of you!

    The item is about the A-list actress, not “Edina,” the short, black vocalist.

    While Jada certainly isn’t the actress, I wouldn’t be surprised if she is “Edina”–don’t any of you know that Jada does VOCALS for a band called Wicked Wisdom?:

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