Past Love Affair Of A Newly Single Actress Resurfaces


A reader sent in a dated, but juicy item about a newly single Hollywood leading lady. Granted, the subject header said “stirring up some old shit,” but since it’s newsworthy that said star is back on the market, we figured we’d share.

According to our tipster, she moved out to Hollywood back in 1996 and roomed with “a short pretentious black woman” whom we’ll refer to as Edina. Allegedly Edina met the A-lister at a concert where Edina was a singer and their relationship persisted on and off for about a year.

The superstar actress even bought a cabin in North Carolina (Edina’s home state) so that they could be together. But when the Tinseltown hot-shot wanted to get pregnant, the couple started squabbling and ultimately, the relationship came to an end as a result. However, they did manage to squeeze in an occasional tryst during the movie star’s pregnancy.

The little birdie told us, “Before that [Edina] liked the fellas but I guess if _____ has a crush on you, you consider switching sides.”