Past And Present: ‘One Tree Hill’ Stars [PHOTOS & VIDEO]

Take It All Off
Stephen Colletti strips on One Tree Hill.
Eye Candy
Take a gander at OTH hottie, Robert Buckley.
If you’re anything like me, your wounds from the One Tree Hill series finale still haven’t wounded completely. After watching a great drama for nearly a decade, it’s not easy to get over it immediately, is it? These characters became like our family, we knew their lives as the writers told us.

Remember Nathan and Haley’s wedding and how much Lucas wanted to disapprove but couldn’t? How about when Haley left home with Chris Keller? Many fans wanted to love him due to how attractive he was, but knew not to because the character was such an insufferable jerk. Many of us rooted for the teenage lovers to continue their relationship and, of course, they did after some obstacles getting in their way.

The heartbreaking school shooting episode resonates in my head even though years have passed since it aired. It has been seven years since we saw the episode. Never would I have thought an episode of a television show would have such a lasting impression.

And fans who watched religiously could never forget the wrath of Nanny Carrie. She created the most drama out of any character on the show. Between nearly killing Dan Scott, kidnapping Jamie Scott, and all the other trouble she caused, she was by far the evilest.

One of my favorite scenes was the concluding scene of the whole show. It really went back to the roots of the show, just like the whole episode itself. There were still a few things left out, some minor loose ends, but most were tied up and it made me feel very nostalgic. All that was missing were Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton.

Check out the final scene below!

I’m sure everyone who watched the last scene with Dan Scott finally felt their anger towards him disappear. He killed his brother for no real reason, but still had redeeming quality. To see him finally get redemption was heartbreaking, but he needed it in order to pass on successfully.

After a decade, the show provided fans with so many good memories. What about the actors themselves? What do they look like now that the show is over? Their looks changed so many times throughout the years. Sophia Bush and Bethany Joy Lenz changed their hair more times than the rest of the cast.

Take a look at our gallery to see how the cast looked back when they were on One Tree Hill and how they look now. Some haven’t changed much, while the others have changed drastically.