Passing On The Peanut Butter: Is The Duchess Of Cambridge Pregnant?

When The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited the Unicef Emergency Supply Center in Copenhagen November 2nd, Her Royal Highness passed on tasting a high-protein peanut butter taste given to starving children.  And. People. WENT.  BATTY.  Of course, yours truly kept her cool (not really) while the media started to speculate whether A) Catherine is currently with child B) Catherine is taking the steps to produce an heir to the throne.

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Why do we think Catherine, wearing a fitted LK Bennett coat and the charm bracelet given to her by Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, passed on the pb?  Doctors recommend that women who are or trying to get pregnant stay away from peanut product in order to avoid their unborn’s child’s development of an allergy.  The Duchess politely declined a taste, which William, Prince Mary and Price Frederik sampled, according to the Daily Mail.

This is merely speculation, but we noticed in a few of the pictures from the Unicef Center, Catherine is seen touching her stomach protectively.  This could be fidgeting or just out of habit, but the royals are on baby watch.

The Duchess will make a wonderful mother if and when she becomes pregnant, as she has proved to be a natural with young children since stepping into the public eye.  I, for one, have been captivated by her poise and character over the past year.  Here’s to a young woman who the little ones can look up to!

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