Party Time For Lindsay Lohan

Yay! Lindsay Lohan is paryting! She may not officially be 23 yet, but that didn’t stop LiLo from partying it up earlier this weekend in Vegas. She was the host of a pool party at Wet Republic on Saturday in honor of her birthday and her Sevin Nyne sunless tanner.

Lindsay has had a rough time over the past month. There was the whole “she stole jewerely” thing, followed by the whole Samantha Ronson dumps her again” thing, and the very weird “she’s partying with Ryan Seacrest” thing.

All we’re really hoping for is that the Vegas cops don’t try and rain on her parade as the Los Angeles cops seem to do. Yesterday morning at 4 A.M.-ish, the cops cited Lindsay for excessive noise. This was actually the second time in the last week this happened; police came to her home around 3:30 A.M.-ish the night she was out with Seacrest after some neighbors complained of loud noise.

But really, if you’re going to buy a house next to LiLo, you must know that you’re in for some loud noises. Granted, she should try and not be so… what’s the word? Dumb? But honestly, buy ear plugs or something. She’s a “Hollywood Starlet.” Excessive noise runs in her veins. That and Vodka. 

Gallery Info: Lindsay Lohan leaving Samantha Ronson’s house.