‘Parks And Recreation’ Star, Amy Poehler, Drops The Deets On Life, Her Costars, And More!

Amy Sans Ring
Amy Poehler steps out sans wedding ring.
It’s no longer considered working when the person you are supposed to interview is named Amy Poehler.

With such a vast array of comedic work, it’s obvious that Poehler is in general an amazingly funny and bubbly person. This woman is someone you just want to be around, in fact you wish she was an official member of your group of friends!

With the new season of ‘Parks and Recreation’ in the making, Time Out New York was lucky enough to sit down with this comedy mega star to discuss the nitty-gritty of the upcoming season!

A major focal point of the interview was focused around how Poehler feels about not living in New York full-time. Poehler went on to say,

“I still consider New York my home, and I’m here about five months out of the year. When I’m back, I’m always at ASSSSCAT (long-running improv show) and the theater. The community has grown so much that our theaters in New York and L.A. have lives of their own. But New York continues to be, in my opinion, the place where the really raw and fresh talent comes from. It’s hard to live here, so the people that come [to New York] really have a certain pluck. What’s cool is that I keep getting older, but the audiences stay the same age.”

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