Paris Won’t Sleep With Just Anyone

August 28th, 2007 // 11 Comments

Damn. There goes all that hyperbole I created about Paris sleeping with everyone – including your grandma, and Adolph Hitler and probably Bugs Bunny. Pro hockey player Sean Avery was all over her ass at a party and she wasn’t having it. Do you have any idea how hard it is to report that Paris didn’t give it up for once? It’s like having to pull your own tooth with a pair of pliers and no novocaine!

The N.Y. Ranger, who just split from fiancée Elisha Cuthbert, tried his luck with Hilton at Amy Sacco’s LG House party in Malibu. “He hit on her three times, but every time, Paris would give him disgusted looks and move away from his creepy shoulder-brushing and close-talking ways,” said our snitch. The rebuffed Avery hit on other blonds. “You could tell he just wanted to hook up,” said the spy.

He must not have had any quarters on him. You know she’s a damn slot machine!

More of Paris from German GQ (with nipple) are after the jump.

By J. Harvey

  1. T-Bone

    Good for Paris, for once.

  2. Nanc'

    Agreed! “Good for her”. Maybe her stint in the pokey along with being (allegedly) cut-off from Grandpa’s billions and maybe just AGE is finally going to get through to her. Time will tell.

  3. 2 Old 4 This

    She was out of Valtrex

  4. Are her 15 minutes over yet?

    Why do they *heart* Parisite? Because of her scary musical talent, or racist attitude?

  5. Nanc'

    WHO “hearts” Paris? I’m just wondering. Just because she is in the “rags” and we all hope she (as a young, dumb girl) gets her sh*t together doesn’t mean she is “hearted”.
    Most of us are just watching her in the vane of “trainwreck” and seeing what happens.
    Seriously…are any of you out there Paris FANS?

  6. Persistent Cat

    I believe her and Elisha Cuthbert are friends. He was trying to get back at Elisha and Paris was actually **gasp** being a good friend. Maybe this is her one good deed after jail.

  7. T-Bone

    Paris has a great body and a BAZILLION dollars. Unfortunately, there are about a BAZILLION shallow men in the world, so yeah…the fact that men like her doesn’t strike me as odd at all.

  8. sandy

    I thought she found God in prison? Christians aren’t supposed to sleep around. Then again, she is about as sincere as a snake.

    I still can’t understand why she wears sandals. She has some of the creepiest toes I’ve ever seen.

  9. Jbo

    Of course she didn’t hit that – how uncomfortable would it be to tell a guy “uhh, I have HERPES!!!”. Who would want to touch this unclean, herpe rittled WHORE?

  10. Rock&Republic

    He’s not famous enough. Seriously, im sure some poster here knows someone who knows someone who’s gotten herpes from her.

  11. Craptastic

    T-Bone says: “Paris has great body”

    ROTFL! are you fucking serious?!? She has No boobs, flat flabby granny ass(which is completely photoshopped to death in this pics), square hard jaw, hooked penis bird nose, wonkey eye…need i go on? Wow, some people have the absolute WORST taste in females. Geezus. You probably think Cameron Diaz is “hot” too right?

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