Paris Turns 26 and Celebrates the Night Away

February 19th, 2007 // 11 Comments

Paris Hilton celebrated her 26th birthday the only way she knows how – dancing on tables, kissing men and sulking by the toilets.

The heiress did her best to quash reports she and her Greek tycoon boyfriend Stavros Niarchos are about to split, spending most of the night smooching him on the dancefloor at Body English club in Los Angeles.

Her party train did derail later, though. One reveller said: ‘She finished up arguing at the back of the club by the toilets and looked upset.’


Many more photos from Paris Hilton’s “star-studded” birthday celebration in Las Vegas after the jump.


By Jessica Marx

  1. Jinxy McDeath

    What an ugly diseased whore. I wonder how many people she infected with STD’s this weekend? They must have to burn and gut her room at the hard rock to make it rentable to decent people.

  2. theoriginalbitch

    what the hell’s wrong with Luda and J Fox? How could they even associate with that racist pig?!

  3. margaretta

    Paris! Another birthday, another STD!
    Could you BE any uglier?

  4. Jen

    My question is where is Pink? I see Carey Hart at the “Stupid Girl’s” party but no wife. Hummm…

  5. Unknown

    Wow. Paris parties. Now I wonder if she will ever do anything constructive? Now THAT would be news!

    Burn and gut her room! HAHA! Hilarious!

  6. Word is she divided her time spreading her Paris love (i.e. STD’s) between Stavaros AND (puke) Brandon Davis!

    Gawd is she foul! Why wasn’t this P.O.S. drowned at birth??????

    Did Jamie Foxx and Ludacris miss out on Ms. Hilton’s many racist tirades??

    Please tell me Carey Hart got lost!!! Please tell me he did not intend to walk into this Herpes Parade….

  7. Ash

    FYI.. Body English is in the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas.. Not LA

  8. jummpy

    WTF!For luda and jamie fox to be at that NASTY BITCH, party i’m never going to support thoes two bitches. plus thay have a pention going on a another blog about that sell-out bitch luda dumb ass .

  9. heather

    gosh you guys are losers. just cus she had sex with her fiance ( keyword fiance at the time) shes a skank?

    i bet you guys f*** your boyrfriends too so i guess that makes you skanks too

    dumbies get a life!

  10. White Guy

    Any black artist who tolerates her racist shit with a smile is selling out not only selling out their own people, but showing how sold they themselves are.

    way to go guys. real solidarity.


    Socialitelife.. Great! :)

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