Paris Transferred

Ehhhhh. It’s almost painful to write about her lately. What more is there to say? You know how they have to end a series before it gets bad? Like – why was Scully running around after Mulder left the show? Well, this series needs a cancellation. But it’s our duty here at A Socialite’s Life to give you the scoop. Paris has left the medical facility at Twin Towers jail and was transferred back to Lynwood, where she initially began her sentence.

Sources tell TMZ that Hilton has been doing much better with the proper meds, and we’re told that there has been pressure on the Sheriff’s Department to move her back to the Lynwood jail when the medical facility was no longer necessary.

Sources say that she is now in the Lynnwood medical ward awaiting transfer to the cell she will serve her sentence in. Ok, have we determined what the hell is her issue? Depression, ADD, scabies, herpes, Epstein-Barre, chronic fatigue, the vapors? Don’t we all have those in one form or another? Preferential treatment!

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