Paris To Teach Class


Which is a damn oxymoron! The Learning Annex has offered Paris Hilton a gig teaching a course called “How To Build Your Brand”. I can think of several other things she is way more qualified to teach but this is a family website. Ok, no it isn’t – she could teach people how to juggle penis and answering the cell phone at the same time or how to make sure the cleaning lady gets the wet spot off her comforter and maybe an anatomy course on how far a human being can get their legs behind their head.

Paris Hilton has been offered big bucks to speak at the The Learning Annex Real Estate and Wealth Expos in Seattle, Chicago, New York and Boston. The soon-to-be-free heiress has been offered one million buckaroos to teach a one-hour class on “How to Build Your Brand.” Get your product advice from the expertise of the socialite, reality TV star, sex tape star victim, paparazzi princess, nightclub entrepreneur convict!

Paris once told Newsweek, “I consider myself a businesswoman and a brand.” The Learning Annex President and Founder Bill Zanker believes “Paris Hilton is a brilliant entrepreneur who has built an incredible brand.”

More like sex tape aggressor who knew exactly what she was doing. Boston? Did they say Boston? Oh I am so up in there if I can get my publisher to pay for it. Though I don’t know if she’ll be able to teach over my laughter.