Paris Tells Barbara Walters That She “Used To Act Dumb”, Millions Wonder How They Missed The Subtle Differences In Her Intelligence Since Then


Another Monday, another Paris Hilton. Paris got on the horn with Barbara Walters yesterday. She told Barbara that she “used to act dumb” or something. If that’s acting, she deserved the damn Oscar because it was a fully believable performance. She lived it, she breathed it.

Paris Hilton got on the horn with Barbara Walters yesterday, and told her that she felt “caged” in jail, but said that she’s tired of playing “dumb” and that “God has given me this new chance.”

“Good Morning America” reports that Babwa was on the phone with Paris’ mom Kathy when Paris called in on the other line — and said she wanted to talk to Walters directly. So Paris called her collect in New York, and they had a brief chat. Among the highlights: “I was not eating or sleeping. I was severely depressed and felt as if I was in a cage. … It was a horrible experience.” More details of the conversation will be unveiled on “The View” later.

Don’t they always turn to God in the end? I know religious types would make this a “see I told ya” moment but I think if there was a God, he’d be like – cut the shit, you fake-ass bitches. I know “fake-ass bitch” isn’t in the Good Book, but it damn well should be.