Paris Staying In Jailhouse Medical Facility While Lawyers Scramble


Ok, admittedly when I really looked at the pics of her in the back of the squad car – I felt bad. I know, I know. But she was all broken up and looked terrified. She deserves whatever she gets, but still – even I don’t like to see someone all terrified and broken up. Once she eases into prison life, she’s going to really enjoy having a smoke with the other girls in front of the communal television and washing dishes and maybe even lifting some weights in the yard. She can probably also give the girls tips on…well, I dont’ know what Paris does exactly. Anyway, prison could be like a fun summer camp for her. So don’t cry, dry your eye, Paris. Ooh, child, things are gonna get better. I think I’m lightening up on her because I don’t need to go into the weekend full of rage and encouraging karma to smack me in the face and get me arrested during a drunken bar brawl. With my luck, it would happen. Anyway, Paris is now ensconsed in Twin Towers jail facility, in the med ward. And lawyers are running amok trying to free her again. *sigh*

Hilton will stay there over the weekend, when her lawyer will file an appeal, called a writ of habeas corpus, which means, essentially, the body is being held illegally.

I don’t think any of us see it that way, but thanks for playin’.