Paris On The Move

February 27th, 2007 // 3 Comments

(Mavrix Photo)

The Human Fly took her Greek shipping heir for a spin. Seriously, watch out – she’s had “a margarita.” And some weed. Didn’t she swear off sex for a year? You know she’s getting explored in that backseat later. I can smell it. *shudder*

(Mavrix Photo)

More photos of Paris Hilton and Stavros Niarachos are after the jump.

(Mavrix Photo)

By J. Harvey

  1. margaretta

    Paris is her own air bag

  2. Kourtni

    Is that Stavros… or is this a new piece of Greek meat?

  3. e

    did stavros take a shower? he’s looks different; like he stopped being high long enough to function normally.

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