Paris Shops For Nicole’s Fetus


Paris Hilton was out shopping for baby clothes for fellow jailbird Nicole Richie’s impending bundle of dysfunction. You know this chick is PISSED that Nicole spent about 3.2 seconds in a cell and then skipped out. She’s going to buy Nicole baby clothes made out of acrylics so they burn faster!

Hilton headed to the hot Hollywood boutique Intuition, perused the baby section and walked out with a dozen bags of merchandise full of goodies for the baby Richie is expecting with Joel Madden.

“She was in the best mood,” a source tells PEOPLE. “She couldn’t wait to get to the baby department and look for things for Nicole?s baby. She said she was very happy for her.”

Hilton was an equal-opportunity shopper, choosing gifts in both pink and blue. Among the items she bought was a Tuni & G Baby set (pants and T-shirt) with the text “Don’t Ya Wish Your Mommy Was Hot Like Mine” with the pants bottom saying “Don’t Ya.” She also bought Baby?s First Fashion Words book, a Baby Jar Baby Snuggler Blanket and Trumpette socks.

That’s nice, encouraging the baby to recognize its mother’s sexuality and in turn hoping to encourage the baby to be as loose as possible when it grows up. These people have money, yet they insist on acting like trash. Howabout something with Winnie the Pooh on it? Or even that bitch Dora? This is all funny because these two chicks HATED each other awhile back then they realized they had to make nice for the cameras for their show’s last season. And now they continue the lie. Stop.

Paris and Her Little Dog Continue to Shop After the Jump