Paris Rubs Off on Pal Kim Kardashian

WireGirl reports on a rumor of a possible Kim Kardashian sex tape.

Crowd favorite Kim Kardashian may be the star of an upcoming sex tape made with ex-boyfriend Ray-J. Jawn Murray on AOL-BV says:

Desperate times call for desperate measures! Sources say a certain R&B singer, who has never really caught a major break, is peddling an X-rated home video to adult entertainment companies in hopes that it will do for his career what it has done for Paris Hilton’s. I’m also told that said singer believes that releasing the video will serve as revenge to his ex-girlfriend who recently dumped him for another entertainer.

Kardashian is the “ex-girlfriend who recently dumped him for another entertainer”. She now dates Nick Cannon.

Well, at least she’s better looking than her friend Paris. I would rather watch Gollum f*ck leprosy than watch Paris have sex on film.

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