Paris’ Neighbors Are Over It

June 18th, 2007 // 8 Comments

Can you evict someone from your neighborhood? Paris Hilton’s neighbors look to be gearing up to try. A flyer was recently put online that was found in her neighborhood, calling for an end to the Era of Skank on that particular block.

Two of The Simple Life star’s neighbors – led by Christopher Hauk and Anne Goursaud – are sick and tired of having her live nearby and everything that entails – constant paparazzi waiting outside, house parties and those annoying helicopters that kept hovering that one day she was sent back to jail.

Now, Christopher and Anne are trying to mobilize their other neighbors, emailing their city councilman and considering hiring a lawyer.

Hauk and Goursaud have my vote. Can you imagine trying to sleep while Brandon Davis is trying to get it up with his coke dick on your front lawn with some trashbag he met after a Paris party? Ugh. Then again, I’m the kind of neighbor who will throw a trashcan through your windshield if your car alarm goes off too many times, and if you take my parking space in the winter – I will slash your tires. Boston’s a warm, cheery place to live!

By J. Harvey

  1. Prick Up Your Ears

    Wow, karma is tearing the ass off Parisite big time!

    Love it.

  2. Village

    I had my next door neighbor banished from my neighborhood. I didn’t even know that was possible. But in my state there is legal banishment. She was a noisy/crazy nuisance, and I started out with a noise complaint. We were in court again and again for TWO years (the only good part was the DA was my attorney, and I didn’t have to pay) but I thought she did. Turns out her husband who committed suicide had been a lawyer with the 2nd most prestigious law firm in my city, and they represented her. Eventually she was banished, and forced to sell her house. I was shocked, but HAPPY!

  3. Tonysgirl

    I am sooooo happy that I dont gotta deal with neighbors, living in the country has its perks.

    1. No neighbors.
    2. Peace and quite.
    3. If I wanna see all the freakin nuts in the world, I just gotta drive to the nearest town.

  4. Jen

    I don’t care for Paris, but even I think this is a bit unfair. You should be able to live where you want without your neighbors coming at you with pitchforks and fire. Have they even tried to get her to quiet down the parties? It’s not HER fault (so much) that the paps are flying over her house and waiting outside her gates. The neighbors should call the police and let that be it. This will just lead to people pushing out the guy they don’t like from the neighborhood for no other reason then that he doesn’t cut his lawn every week. Ridiculous! You pay good money for property, you have certain rights, IMO.

  5. e

    Jesus, J. you must live in Southie. I almost got killed there for using a visitors spot at my friends condo. In the summer.

  6. sam

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  7. Kare Bear

    There’s nothing unfair about this Jen. When you live somewhere whether you are paying rent or mortgage, you have a right to live in peace. If this trick can’t respect her neighbors or her community then by all means they have every right to proceed with legal action. You know what is even more important about this. Paris lives where she lives because she is a spoiled pampered princess. Other people have to work to live in communities like hers. She has no clue what it is like to get up for work. I feel for the neighbors because how can anyone get decent sleep with the parties and the photogs? Phuck Parisite, just like Prick up your ears said karma is a b!tch.

  8. Nina

    Okay – this is timely. Me, my mom, and my aunt were in Anaheim last week for a finance convention, decided to take a “hollywood tour.” Our van driver drove us up and down the streets of Hollywood Hills, looking for King Street (Paris’ House). One of the neighbors got very snappy with us when he asked for directions. You can tell they’re all fed up with the hooplah. I suppose *we* didn’t help much. Those houses are really tiny and close together. You couldn’t fart without half the neighborhood knowing about it.

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