Paris Missed Heatherette Show Because of Hangover, Britney Missed Heatherette Show Because of Paris, Heatherette Sues

February 8th, 2007 // 4 Comments


It was chaos at the whimsical “Wizard of Oz”-themed Heatherette fashion show the other night. Paris didn’t show because bitch had gotten wasted the night before at Butter in NYC . And Britney didn’t show because Paris was supposed to show up . Ok, the two queens who run Heatherette aren’t suing. BUT THEY SHOULD! Bitches needed the star power and only had Cuba Gooding Jr. to provide it!

When you’re coming off a booze-fueled bender, however, that’s a daunting proposition. Hilton–who, along with Britney Spears, Kimora Lee Simmons, and Lydia Hearst, had agreed to walk for front-row B-listers Cuba Gooding, Jr., Keith Urban, and J.C. Chasez–called in 45 minutes before showtime to say, well, she wouldn’t be making it.

“She was doing tumbler shots of tequila till 3:30 a.m. at Butter, puked, and went home really sick. She must have been totally incapacitated the next day.”

Drunk bitch. Keep reading to find out what Britney’s motivation was for missing this mess. Plus more photos of Paris Hilton partying at Butter after the jump.

Britney got as far as the parking lot before deciding she didn’t want to risk seeing the hotel heiress, who reportedly branded Britney “an animal” to her friends.

Ladies, please. Brit, honey, you’re an animal. A sloth’s an animal, right? Just own it.

Well, I’m sure Cuba had fun. Bitch needs to be seen, since that movie he made about the gay cruise. And wasn’t there one about sled dogs? Jerry Maguire was so long ago. *teary-eyed*


By J. Harvey

  1. anon

    Nice. They must be doing a LOT of coke to look that red.

  2. Is that Matt Leinert with a cig in his mouth?

  3. Is that Matt Leinert with a cig in his mouth?

  4. Hahahhha!

    Yeah Cuba did a movie about sled dogs. That’s hilarous. He actually did one where he played a retard too. At first I thought calling him B-list was harsh but he totally is.


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