Paris’ Minions Can’t Get Into Clubs Without Her

Brandon Davis (aka Greasy Bear, Fat Elvis) and Stavros Nirachos (aka the Greek shipping heir that Paris throws her slop on) aren’t able to able to get in any hot clubs without Paris around . Hah! I mean, neither can I but I’m not well-known! HAH!

Brandon Davis and Stavros Niarchos are nothing without Paris.

Hilton’s two sidekicks needed a little help getting into Area last night — calling her from the parking lot so she could work her celebutante magic to get them through the door.

Paris was seen peeking through tiny windows in Area’s front door as she waited for Stavros to arrive. Being friends with Paris has its perks.

That’s sad. Aren’t those two pinheads like millionaire scions? Don’t they have any pull? So they only let rich people with vaginas in? God, if I was hetero that would be like Heaven – a club full of rich whores.

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