Paris Lets Loose Another Stinker

…and this time she’s trying to get out of the room before she can be blamed for it. The upcoming release of her latest filmic opus, National Lampoon’s “Pledge This,” has Paris ducking for cover. From The New York Post’s Page Six:

According to one insider, “The premiere was supposed to have been on Oct. 11 in Chicago, but Paris called at the last minute and canceled, claiming she had to promote her album. The producers didn’t want to have the premiere without her because she’s the biggest star in the movie, which also features Simon Rex and Randy Spelling, so they rescheduled for Oct. 28.” But now Hilton has told the producers she won’t likely be attending then, either. “The movie is horrific,” said our source. “It is a limited release that will likely go straight to video. Paris doesn’t really want to be associated with it. Her movie career is not exactly booming, and she needs to not be seen as a flop. Also, the movie has a lot of topless women in it, and she is trying to distance herself from the whole porn thing.”

Two things:

1) She’s the biggest star? Que triste. Seriously.

2) And when did this one suddenly develop couth? All of a sudden she thinks she’s too good for shitty movies? That’s like her signature style. It would be like if all of a sudden Robert De Niro decided never to do another mafioso role again. Unnatural, I tell you.

More photos of Paris Hilton from the William Rast show after the jump.

Written by Lisa Timmons

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