Paris Is Threatening

Paris Hilton allegedly rolled up on a Toronto adult video store on Wednesday afternoon and started tearing shit up. Paris was enraged because they were displaying a poster for “One Night In Paris”, her sex tape with Pamela Anderson’s husband Rick Saloman. She was said to have been dressed like she was trick or treating early (emphasis on trick) in a skeleton costume. What? This is a wack story.

CTV News was allowed to view the incident captured on surveillance video.

“You guys can’t use my image in a porn store,” a woman said to be Hilton was heard saying. “I’m going to call my lawyer and sue the (expletive) out of this place.”

A woman is seen in the video tearing down several posters in the store.

“I really want them down because they’re mean and this is not right. I’m really serious, this is disgusting,” she says.

“And I want the other ones too or I’m calling the (expletive) cops.”

About a half-hour after Hagatha left, a man came in claiming to be her manager and told the store employees that they had better keep quiet about the incident or risk being sued for “defamation of character”. What? What is going on? Here’s a lesson, Paris – don’t f*ck on camera and you won’t have to terrorize dirty video stores in disguise. And get a more original Halloween costume! Fer chrissakes, I saw a guy dressed as “Tron” last night. Slut celebrity heiresses have GOT do do better.


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