Paris is Taken to Court

June 8th, 2007 // 9 Comments

With her hands locked behind her back, Paris Hilton was thrown into the back of a Sheriff’s cruiser and is on the way to a courtroom in downtown Los Angeles.

The besieged heiress faced a wall of paparazzi as she made her way down from her West Hollywood home, as news helicopters hovered above her home.

(via TMZ)

By Jessica Marx

  1. Zekers

    What ever this whole thing cost the city/county/state, should be paid for by Hilton. All this time, money and transportation stuff isn’t cheap, I’m sure. If Jack Kevorkian has to pay for his keep while he was in prison for 8 years, why shouldn’t this low-life pay?

  2. doc

    This whole thing is making my day =)

  3. green cardigan

    Her neighbours must be cracking up. Imagine the noise of 5 helicopters and all that congestion on the road.

    I can’t find the words to describe what I think of this f%%ken slapper. she is making a joke of the US’s justice system. How are people supposed to have faith in a justice that can be bought?

  4. Antigone

    It’s pathetic really, watching a drooling mob of torch bearing, inbred villagers waiting to see her hang.Don’t you get it?That jail cell was smaller than Paris’ maid’s closet and it had no mirrors, windows, or anything shiny in it at all.Of course she was on the verge of a nervous breakdown.The room service was really freaking slow and that would give anyone an anxiety attack.The state of California should be Paris to live there, how dare anyone suggest she pay to be kept in jail.You all need to have your meds adjusted and recognize your superiors.

  5. Jinxy McDeath

    They made Paris do the PERP walk in cuffs, funny stuff.

    If the sheriff’s office wasn’t run by a tard, the city would have incurred all the extra expense. I am sure most people cry the first few days in jail, and most of them are not in a private cell, but showering and eating with loads of other crying people too.

    Why can’t she just have a heart attack and be gone already.

  6. lookwhaticando

    While I hate to see anyone having to suffer a jail stay Who has not hurt, killed, or stole from anyone, We live in a society, and even citizen should have to follow the rules equally, The red carpet treatment she is receiveing for committing a crime is a crime. As I said, seeing anyone being in jail is not funny, Except now. Because the 26 year old 11 year acting brat deserves to see that she is not above the law.

  7. jalyn

    amen! and the dumb broad really started rubbing it in peoples face…first thing was order cupcakes for delivery….could she have gotten those in jail…NO…i hope they throw her back in the slammer for the whole time and maybe even add some time. personally, i think her mum & dad paid her out of jail…now they need to investigate that and burn whomevers ass took the payoff.

  8. angel

    You guys are all mean. Why be happy at someone elses donwfall. Even I feel kinda bad for paris, she is a regular person just like us. And believe me when I say this: I even shocked myself when I was thinking this in my head. But I do feel bad. How would you feel if everyone was happy when you were on the verge of a mental breakdown?

  9. Gumbo

    yay KTLA the CW! i love the CW!

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