Paris is Helpless

Good lord.

Fresh from a date at her favorite hair salon, Paris Hilton does her helpless act behind the wheel of her brand-new Bentley after running out of gas in Beverly Hills yesterday.
Hilton – who was heading home from being primped at the Dream Catcher salon – spent the unexpected down-time flipping through a scrapbook of her and her current flame, Stavros Niarchos. One page featured a pic of her and the Greek heir titled “The First Time” – whatever that means.
Meanwhile, since no one wants to see Paris break a nail or mess up her hair extensions, one of her paparazzi pals went to get her gas.

She just sat there until someone finally walked over to her. Yep. One day you’re going to see her walking around with her pants over her head, and her cami top over her ass and when someone asks her what she’s doing she’ll be like “What? Oh. Do you wanna go for Pinkberry or something?”

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