Paris in the Squad Car

June 8th, 2007 // 17 Comments

Clearly not having fun. One more shot is after the jump.



By Jessica Marx

  1. Brooklyn


    LOVE IT!

  2. michelle

    I feel sorry for her now – the way this whole thing has been handled is enough punishment. They should have just let her stay in jail. Now she is even more of a laughingstock and the paps outside of her house have completely gone MAD. She has gotten way more attention than I bet she ever bargained for.

    The paps CHASED the police car, running after it! Unbelievable. 5 helicopters over her house……’d think she was wanted for murder. This is an outrage. She should sue.

  3. sandie

    So sad 4 her.
    She shouldn’t go to jail

  4. kittycatastrophe

    OK, now I think she finally understands the seriousness of her situation. She finally, finally gets it.

  5. kittycatastrophe, well said!!

    i totally agree! i think those first few days then being released was a joke to Paris, but maybe now she’ll get it.

    i hate to see almost anyone cry, especially when her parents share much of the blame, but Paris is a menace and needed to be taught a lesson.

  6. sassyne

    God forgive me, but I am really enjoying this. She needs to get it through her head that money can NOT buy everything! Celebrities need to pay the same price for crimes as everyday people. She should have just served her 23 days, got out and enjoyed her millions, but NO she had to cause a huge commotion and try and prove that she’s a HILTON and HILTONS don’t have to follow everyone else’s rules. They are saying that if she is trying to use mental health issues as her reason, the judge may order her to a state run mental hospital. I think she had better shut up and serve her time.

  7. Liz

    I didn’t really feel sorry for her before, but these pics are tugging at my heart-strings… I really kinda feel bad now. =(

  8. lookwhaticando

    Liz said:
    I didn’t really feel sorry for her before, but these pics are tugging at my heart-strings… I really kinda feel bad now. =(

    Posted on June 8, 2007 02:38 PM


    There is nothing wrong with feeling sorry for her, but she really needs to serve her time just like anyone else in our society. Tuff love all the way. Hopefully she will grow up and get her act together now. Her and Nicole

  9. kittycatastrophe


    Today is when all of this stopped being a marketing angle/publicity gimmick and became a reality check for her. Twenty-four hours ago she thought that she had beat the system and this morning she found out that pretty rich girls don’t always get what they want, especially as they get older.

    Tears can be cleansing.

  10. yaya

    I dont feel sorry for her, this is someone who craves attention and now she gots it. She is going to play the poor victim in this. Look at her all dress down. she just wants everyone to feel sorry for her.

  11. grace

    Kitty: Yes, tears can be cleansing! Well said. She needs to suffer the REAL consequences of her actions…like the rest of us!

  12. spark

    sue for what michelle? sh’es a celebrity and loves the paparazzi. she’s got NO grounds to sue. plus if she has a medical condition she can get it checked out while in jail. i get many jail pts in the ER i work in and once they are cleared they are shipped back to jail. do the crime, pay the time baby!

  13. SincerelyReal

    I’m sorry but lets not forget that this girl has made a mockery of the justice system not once but SEVERAL times! She embarasses herself just abotu everytime she is in public and oh god lets not think about what comes from the view of being a celebrity. Being taken off kicking and screaming crying and all that is appropriate. If anyone else had committed some of the crimes that she has they would be in jail and they wouldn’t get such a measly sentence and surely wouldn’t get any special treatment. I don’t agree with any sympathy for the child because everyone pays for thier actions. I’m sure she thought that her getting out of prison was “hot” but the truth of the matter is who in the hell thought that she wasn’t going to be made an example out of?

    If I get stopped with a suspended license not once but TWICE I wouldn’t get community service, house arrest. etc. EF all the tears MAKE HER PAY!

  14. Rick in Toronto

    Is her medical condition an addiction? Just asking….

  15. jo durtz

    As Paris would say…Loves it! ahahahhahahahahhahahahhahahahahhahah!!!

  16. Poor, Poor Paris

    I’m not normally one for schadenfreude, but I’m must say I feel it now…and it feels good!

  17. unevermind

    HA HA HA HA HA AH HA! I’m loving it too! I can’t stand her or the situation! If it had been any of us, we would still be in jail and would have served the max! She is bawling because reality gave her swift kick and slap! Why should I feel sorry for her now? If it was any of us, she would be laughing at us, looking down her pointy beak! I AM LOVING IT and I hope we see more of it! Celebrities should be held accountable for all the crap they do!

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