Paris in Space

Paris Hilton has decided that she wants to visit outer space. A place many of us thought she has already been! The latest rumor is that the Hollywood socialite and resident party girl would like to take her next photo opportunity into space. Paris has reportedly purchased a seat on Richard Branson’s Virgin Enterprise rocket.

The thought of blasting into space just thrills the “Star Wars” fan in Paris. The shuttle hasn’t even been constructed yet and Paris bought her ticket for a place on the flight for $195,000! I think that should include a stay at the Hilton Hotel on the moon! This may not be the first class luxury flight that Paris is used to because all passengers will have to wear a diaper because there are not bathrooms on the shuttle to space. No bathrooms? What about a gourmet meal, maybe an in flight movie? Well I say bon voyage Paris, and she may want to look into that hotel on the moon thing. She would definitely be my first choice to run that facility!

Paris In Space? [Female First]

Written by Christy Pastore