Paris In Pink

December 8th, 2004 // 24 Comments

Discuss. (Te-he)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. chelsea

    hmmm….possibly the first time she has had her legs almost closed.

  2. BW

    This is one of the few pics she looks decent in.

  3. I think the super glue from the swarovski crystals on her Sidekick has come off on her hand because I haven’t seen any pictures of her without her it for the past few months.

  4. al

    She is definitely getting paid for carrying around that thing. as paris would say== “that’s hot”…

  5. now she’s a slutty school girl pleading for someone to make the next video with her.


  6. Jen

    For such a rich-bitch, she always looks so sadly cheap.

  7. that skirt is too fluffy

  8. Okay, so here she looks like she’s trying to dress like Tinkerbell (sub-ing for someone?). The thing about Paris Hilton is that it works. It doesn’t really matter what she wears because her attitude (for better or for worse) out-does the clothing every time. Do I think she deserved to be one of Barbara Walter’s “Most Fascinating People of 2004″? No. PH is predictable. She is not fascinating. The only thing that is fascinating is the fact that we are all talking about her right now. The tragedy of the American Dream’s nightmarish offspring IS fascinating to discover- as well as it is frightening.

  9. she’s wearing a TIARA? she probably realized she needs to accentuate she’s *chic* trash (but of course fails miserably).

  10. Maria

    Why isn’t she pulling her skirt up? Oh yeah! She’s busy posing with her hand on her hip. The flashing probably comes later.

  11. moni

    you guys are losers, you have nothing elese to do than to critizise paris

  12. Lorena

    Who the hell stands like that?!? No one I know! Unless, maybe, they have to pee!

  13. janessa

    you all need to stop hating on her i love her ur just mad because she has money and you dont.leave her alone and hop of her meat haters

  14. the truth

    No janessa we aren’t mad at her because she’s rich, it’s because she contributes to society in no form positive. Did she cure cancer, or do anything good? no, she made a sextape. soooooo why is famous agen???

  15. i luv paris hilton she is da bst i am er biggest fan i will do any thing to meet er, dont u lot sit ther and crtisze er just cus ur fat and ugly u just cant take that she’s rich she aint just richer than you she is loaded i doubt that u wuld say crap about face to face with which u’ll neva will anyway, u guys are pathetic lil wimps sittin sayin shit bout paris she is interestin ACTUALLY cus she knows how to go outthere show every1 wat she’s made ov and she know how to av fun make er something to treasure not that u lot wuld.
    i agee with u moni and janessa u guys r da bset luv ya.
    paris luvers r gr8 but paris h8ers just get a life losers.
    paris gr8est fan – chelsea xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  16. any1 wanna argue about er bring it on saddos.

  17. absolutely_retarded_people_everywhere

    wow ok chelsea, relax… maybe you should spend less time watching paris hilton skank it up and more time working on learning the english language… congratulations, you are a goddamn loser.

    you tell everyone that they are jealous of her because she is rich, well guess what?? there just so happens to be more to life than money.

    once again, you need to spend some more time in school learning how to write properly and less time idolizing a dumb girl who has nothing to offer society except her pussy on a cheap nightvision camera

  18. well wat u just sed was full of crap cus nothin more to life than money no money no life i agree wit ur name u r a retarded person, ther r nutin more important than money in my life i live on money and ur probably a skanky lil faker n tramp on da internet from an internet cafe, and im past more of my gcse and a level degree more than u ever will!
    luv chelsea x

  19. i hate paris hilton

    oh ya, and by the CHELSEA, if anyone is a saddo* it is you,i mean come on? PARIS HILTON?!?! gimme a break!

  20. Texas

    could anyone understand what the hell Chelsea was saying? was she/he even writting in the english langauge?

  21. absolutely_retarded_people_everywhere

    yeahhh chelsea… all you are doing is proving my point… “im past more of my gcse and a level degree more than u ever will!” uh yeah that’s not even a complete sentence, so i am absolutely sure you are smarter than me and everyone else one here. NOT!!! idolizing her because she has money really is pointless, by all means continue your pathetic life because i think you are just laughable.

  22. Holli!

    woahhh….. chill out mad guys!

  23. Some guy and girl hah

    Okay Chelsea, get a dictionary and learn to spell. Seriously, my 11 year old sister spells better than you.

    Paris Hilton is undoubtedly a whore who flashes herself to show the world what an easy catch she is. I mean, what the hell is she wearing!? Is that a babies outfit? Possibly.

    Money isn’t life. HAH. Omg, if you seriously believe that then you need a life, cos with the way your typing and acting it seems like you’ll never get a capable job to earn any money.

    Paris = Whore
    Chelsea = Stupid
    We = Rule.

    Thanks :)

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