Paris Hilton’s Swedish/Humanoid Boyfriend Says She’s Down to Earth


OK, first of all, he’s so clearly not even a real human being. Look at that perfectly-chiseled, expressionless face of his. Paris Hilton has finally just broken down and bought herself a beautiful robot boyfriend. And because the voice recognition technology is a bit behind, she’s telling everyone that he’s some Swedish guy named Alexander von Zweigbergk Väggö, to try and limit direct communication with him. It’s oh-so-obvious. Now, she’s been pulling the string on his back and actually has him spouting such nonsense like how her family is “kind, normal and ordinary.” He’s even saying that Hilton surprised him with her sparkling personality when they first met, as he was introduced to her during his vacation from being a pizza delivery guy, backpacking through Los Angeles.

“I had a totally different picture of her before that. I was impressed she was so focused. I love to be in her company.”

See? That’s how we know he’s a fake. Focused on what? That makes no sense whatsoever. He must be destroyed.


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