Paris Hilton’s Shopping Spree

January 30th, 2006 // 15 Comments

What on earth could she have bought at Victoria’s Secret? Stavros Niarchos must be in for a helluva bunch of wild nights. Is it time to bring out the video camera again.

More photos of Paris Hilton buying out Victoria’s Secret.

(Images via JJB)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. lollipop

    It seems that Victoria’s Secret had a huge sale on Gonorrhea-B-Gone thongs and Absolutely Crabulous boyshorts.

  2. T.J.

    ^Don’t forget ‘money shot’ protective eyewear.

  3. King Smart Ian

    They now sell penicillin?

  4. mrs. vaughn

    Is anyone even sure she paid for it?
    Let’s not forget Pariskank loves the free stuff!

  5. Cynthia

    What a worthless excuse of a human. Shopping and being skanky is about all she can do!

  6. Katie

    People are starving in the world.

  7. lollipop

    Paris is so selfish. People are starving in this world and her crabs could feed a whole nation for a week. Give a woman a venereal disease (or eleven), and watch it turn into an ass goiter. Just gross…

  8. Kate

    she probably just keeps weeing in all her other ones and shes forced to get new ones… poor girl.

  9. ShoeSlut

    Yeah, and Miss Hilton turns twenty-five next month — TWENTY-FIVE! Do you know how much sadder it makes all of this? Come on, babe! Yank your head out of your a$$ and grow up…

  10. T.J.

    I have NEVER read a comment that was in defense of Paris Hilton. NEVER. That is fucking amazing considering the sheer volume of posts about her. Paris is one offensive bitch. Just ask ANYBODY, literally.

  11. Gossipwhore

    OMG how funny is it that the woman with her looks just like Stravos…

  12. Netty

    LOL!! Protective eye wear!!

  13. Marial

    Paris…Lots of people are dying from hunger. People who don’t have enough money can’t buy food
    shame on you ! ugly feet!

  14. Roxy

    me thinks a boob job is in her future

  15. stevienixed

    “People are starving in the world.”

    Yes, as can be seen in these pics.

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