Paris Hilton’s Publicist Responds To The Brandon Davis/Lindsay Lohan Incident

May 18th, 2006 // 40 Comments

Oh, what a toll it must take on Elliot Mintz (highlighted by the blue circle) to be Paris Hilton‘s publicist. Well, Paris’ people were the first one’s to respond to the incident. He stressed over and over that it wasn’t Paris Hilton who was making the remarks, it was Brandon Davis, and he did them on his own accord. He acknowledges that Paris Hilton were “moments when Paris was laughing” (ah, she laughed throughout the whole thing), but she never said anything. Someone has never heard the phrase “actions speak louder than words.” In regards to Paris using her cellphone, he comes up with the ridiculous excuse that she uses it as a defensive tool? WTF?

During the rant, Paris’ publicist, Elliot Mintz, walks by her side, helpless and grim-faced. Paris seemed to enjoy Brandon’s comments so much, she wanted to share them with her friends. You can see her hold up her cell phone as Mr. Filthymouth does his thing.

Update: 12:15PM ET: Mintz gave the following statement to TMZ. “The only thing I want to underscore is the person making the statements was not Paris Hilton,” he says, “It is unfair to characterize Brandon’s statements as being reflective of Paris’ feelings about Lindsay. We’re dealing with two different people. It was Brandon who was speaking, of course there are moments when Paris was laughing, but she never said anything. Brandon was speaking for himself not for her. Personally,” he adds, “I found the incident unnecessary.”

As for Paris egging Brandon on and holding up her cell phone, Mintz says: “Paris uses her cell phone as a defensive tool. Many times when you see her photographed in a crowd situation, she puts it up to her ear so she doesn’t have to speak. In the cacophony and din of screaming, nobody could have had a telephone conversation. Reporters were asking her questions about Lindsay that she did not want to answer, so she put her cell phone up to her ear. Brandon was not speaking for Paris. Period.”

Paris and Brandon Davis — The Incredible Hatred Toward Lindsay [TMZ]

(Images via Gossip Rocks)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. ali

    ok, maybe I’m too lazy to read all that crap fully but what is this all about? Is this post saying a lot but not really saying anything at the same time?

  2. lea

    She was definitely enjoying every comment and LAL, please, she is a guilty as Brandon…But seriously, they all deserve each other…Bunch of spoiled brats, having nothing better to do…

  3. Lea

    She was definitely enjoying every comment and LAL, please, she is a guilty as Brandon…But seriously, they all deserve each other…Bunch of spoiled brats, having nothing better to do…

  4. GMO

    Wow- these people are so rich and have everything at their disposal, and they’re sitting around a club on a Tuesday night making fun of people? Not only does money not buy class, but it can’t buy you a life either. These people are beyond boring. Enough of them already.

  5. Mark

    That publicist is as big an ass as the two jerks (Paris/Brandon)making the comments. A

    Anyone who would stand by while this bloated idiot and his laughing skank make those comments is nothing more than a desperate PR whore out to make a buck any way he can.

    I’d suggest Elliot fire his client and rebuild his reputation. Having Paris as a client doesn’t lend itself to being a professional.

  6. maryanne29

    I think media outlets should make Elliott Mintz’s job as hard as possible and GIVE HER NO PUBLICITY AT ALL.

    What has she ever done to deserve me even writing this besides winning the genetic lottery?

  7. doofus

    I’m no fan of Lindsay, and call me crazy…

    …but I think that Paris is perhaps a wee bit jealous of Linds.

    Linds is an actual (albeit, not very good) actress, and has credits to that effect. I’m not impressed, but I have heard quotes from people like Meryl Streep saying they think she’s good.

    Paris wants SO badly to be taken seriously for something, for ANYTHING…I think her “hatred” for Linds is nothing more than jealousy.

    as I said before, this is pre-teen behavior. these people act like children because they’ve never had to act like adults. No job, no responsibilities except spending the family money.

  8. moimoi

    Haha. The publicist did a horrible job. Not only did he NOT clear up Paris’s name, but now he’s confirmed what we’ve all suspected…..that Paris only PRETENDS to talk on the phone all the time.

    Haha, what a loser.

  9. k

    Poor Elliot. I’m sure he gets paid well for lying like that…

    At one point (in the car) Paris says “i love you bitch” as Brandon is going on and on…I’m sure that was a defense mechanism too.

    Considering celebrities (and I use that term loosely here) know that there every move gets reported, you would think she would have enough sense to say nothing and not laugh.

    I can’t decide which one of them is a bigger idiot…I think Paris cause I don’t even know who Brandon is (other than that he dated Mischa Barton and he’s an heir to an oil fortune). Has he ever done anything?

  10. No One

    Both Paris and Brandon are Vile poor excuses for human beings. Money doesn’t buy class but it also seems to diminish even the most basic human traits such as caring for others. Poor Elliot needs to get out and get out quick while he still has some dignity!

  11. jennifer

    Slander is punishable by law… sue sue sue sue

  12. RunawayPoster

    Why exactly does Paris Hilton need a publicist? To sniff out the parties for her?

  13. j

    What a meaningless, pathetic existence these people have. That PR guy should be mortified working for PH. If he had an ounce of dignity or conscience, he’d quit, go out, find Fatso, and give him a kicking he wouldn’t forget in a hurry.

  14. Michelle

    WHO is this Brandon person?? I have never even heard of him until today-(so obviously a nobody)…Paris I wish I never heard of at all. She literally must be the biggest waste of trash on earth. Which is perfect since she is usually used and thrown out as we have seen with her “videos” Not one of those guys stuck around, and were smart enough to get some $$ out of it.

  15. C

    So if Paris doesn’t want to answer questions she acts like she’s talking on the phone. Glad we cleared that up. That was haunting me.

    But seriously, she put the phone up to Brandon’s face, not hers. He doesn’t address her whispering in Brandon’s ear either. Sell your bullshit somewhere else Elliot, we’re all full up here.

  16. MC

    So 7 million dollars in the bank means your poor? That means I must be truly be lowest class. These two have never worked an honest day in their lives, I hope Karma comes back to bite both of them on the ass, it might take longer with Brandon though because his ass is HUGE. What a miserable cow he is.

  17. sas

    Whatever shes holding up her phone so who ever is on the other line can hear. The car. Did you guys see Nikki there too?

  18. kylie

    Uggh…Brandon Davis is a tool. And what the hell is he wearing??? A fucking hoodie? Out clubbing?? Is that all that fits these days, lard ass??!

    Paris must keep her PR lackey by her side at all times – you never know what retarded shit she can get herself into. I hope he charges by the hour.

  19. Viva Los Pantalones!

    Oh please. She loved it. She giggled like the airhead she is all through it. Besides, that Eliot guy is slime – he’s a publicist. They lie for a living. Anyone willing to work for that skankasaurus must be either a masocist, an idiot or an attention whore who likes to feel important. She’s a full time job that tart.

  20. yutut

    Brandon Davis was Mischa Barton’s ex wayy before she dated some hippy idiotic fella Cisco who smells as bad as K-Fed.
    And he was known to accuse Paris for her seemingly racist remarks.
    Seeing the video…I feel disgusted. I’m sure they have their own reasons to say such depraving things about Lindsay (I’m not exactly a big fan though I enjoyed Parent Trap. It’s just no excuse to say those terrible stuff about her and they both acted really immature about it. Even if Paris doesn’t take part in it (I suspect she was, she was whispering in Brandon’s ear) I have an utter disrespect for her laughing the way she did.
    It’s one thing to say Linds is orange, has a freckled vagina and has a 7 foot long *a-hem*…but saying things like that….that’s so low.
    Paris is disgusting the way she laughed at every single thing Brandon said. They have absolutely no sense of integrity and aren’t morale. This goes to show that the younger generation is constantly bombarded by the worst role models they could ever have.

  21. laly

    excuse me, linds might only have 7 million but SHE WORKED FOR IT. and both forbes and vanity fair speculated last fall that brandon’s billionaire grandfather died broke. ha ha ha.

  22. a

    The real victim here is Hilton’s publicist. Look at how uncomfortable he is when Brandon keeps yelling “fire crotch.” Could it be because he is a red head and, therefore, the fire crotch reference is hitting close to home?

  23. tomtom

    The parents of this crowd must be so pleased. And this is what they stash away their millions for? Pathetic!

  24. WF

    Ugh, I’m so disgusted after watching this video. I mean, I don’t like Lohan much either (she’s a programmed robot, constantly denying her drug addiction when I know first hand otherwise, girl needs help). But at least she is somewhat talented. While these two silver-spooned idiots who’ve never even thought about work (come on, taking your clothes off for Carl’s Jr. is NOT work!) sound like lame middle-schoolers. I threw up on my desk when he said Lohan was poor cuz she only has 7 million and lives in a motel in New York. What a complete waste of flesh that guy is!!!

  25. kevin

    The Hilton’s and Brandon Davis’ folks must be so proud…the both have idiots for children. Goes to show that no amount of money can by class.

  26. E

    She loved every minute of it, and she was even whispering in his ear at times. So she may not have said anything out loud, but she said plenty.

  27. Pablo

    Ummmm, who is this guy? Famous for what? Seems like an absolute tool.

  28. Honey

    What this video shows is that brains, intellect, and class has clearly skipped a generation in the Davis and Hilton family.

    Out of self preservation for the rest of the gene pool it would be best if the stronger members of the families destroyed the weaker ones.

  29. Rich

    did any one even take notice that when he starts his ranting that Tara Reid is walking with them? They have stuff to say about Lindsay. LOL. At least she has enough brains not to be filmed getting her freak on. Dumbass. When god asked him do you want class he thought they said ass and he said sure i’m not fat enough. POS. Lindsay is a junkie but i’ll take her 7ft. clit and her freckled vagina anyday over everyone elses sloppy seconds Paris Hilton.

  30. MuscleGoddess

    Give Mr. Mintz a break…
    I can’t imagine working for Paris Hilton

    K. MacPherson

  31. Leena

    These people are gross and boring. It is a car wreck that I am getting tired of staring at. I have a little more respect for L.L., although I don’t understand why she would try to befriend these losers. She isn’t even 21 yet and she is worth 7 million that she earned herself, that is pretty impressive and puts those self-entitled spoiled brats to shame. I think Paris Hilton just jumped the shark.

  32. Whatsthatsmellycelebthinking

    Atleast this phone didn’t got hacked!

  33. justpicky








  34. sita

    just want to point out everyone around Brandon was laughing…

  35. Sandra

    I seen the horrible way that the media followed that slimeball and her sidekick around. I think it is just a shame that he is going to never be in my area, I would so kick him in the jaw. I think that Paris is just jealous of Ms. Lohan because Lindsay can actually act. I also think Brandon’s comments should be a perfect weapon for Ms. Lohan to add to her 7 million. GO AND GET THEM GIRL…..they are FOUL. It is funny to the rest of us how they became famous for nothing.

  36. Courtney

    I would like to thank Brandon Davis for proving what we all know… You can’t buy class!

  37. Nancy

    I am shocked that little Miss Paris Hilton would even consider asking the Governor of the state of California to give her a pardon for the 45 days in jail that was just issued to her. I know Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is a lot smarter than that. The information, in her petition that is posted on MySpace, is ridiculous. When did rich and famous people think they were above the law? If the general public drives drunk, we get busted, if the general public drives with a suspended license, we get busted, if we do anything that breaks the law, we get busted. It will be good for little Miss Hilton to sit in the slammer for 45 days and reconsider her ways. It is a shame that she gets so much attention, she is no body’s role model. I encourage everyone to write to the Governor of California and fax the letter to his office, the fax numbers are: 916-445-4633 and 213-897-0319, and encourage him to not even consider a pardon for this troubled child.

    See what’s free

  38. Debbie

    Paris needs to realize that even tho she has $$ she didn’t earn it, and her activities bring SHAME to her family name. She needs to step up to the plate, take her punishment like it’s deserved, and quit bothering the Governor with frivolous requests. Paris, Nicole and all their crowd are no better than any of the rest of us. Think about how you act now, and what you want people to remember you by in later life!

  39. David Deeds

    If Paris is looking for a great cause, I have one just right for her. A way to provide total nutrition on whatever is grown worldwide for all of mankind. A Doctor friend of mine has perfected what I introduced to him almost 5 years ago. Every plant can uptake all the elements that each plant needs, and its all nutural too. Many have tried to buy him out, but he’s not about the money as much as it’s about helping mankind. If this hits a note, please let me know.

    David Deeds


    -redhead here you dumbass, who is he anyways?! I havn’t heard of Brandon before, so im guessing hes just another idiot who became famous for being rich.

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