Paris Hilton’s Publicist Responds To The Brandon Davis/Lindsay Lohan Incident

Oh, what a toll it must take on Elliot Mintz (highlighted by the blue circle) to be Paris Hilton’s publicist. Well, Paris’ people were the first one’s to respond to the incident. He stressed over and over that it wasn’t Paris Hilton who was making the remarks, it was Brandon Davis, and he did them on his own accord. He acknowledges that Paris Hilton were “moments when Paris was laughing” (ah, she laughed throughout the whole thing), but she never said anything. Someone has never heard the phrase “actions speak louder than words.” In regards to Paris using her cellphone, he comes up with the ridiculous excuse that she uses it as a defensive tool? WTF?

During the rant, Paris’ publicist, Elliot Mintz, walks by her side, helpless and grim-faced. Paris seemed to enjoy Brandon’s comments so much, she wanted to share them with her friends. You can see her hold up her cell phone as Mr. Filthymouth does his thing.

Update: 12:15PM ET: Mintz gave the following statement to TMZ. “The only thing I want to underscore is the person making the statements was not Paris Hilton,” he says, “It is unfair to characterize Brandon’s statements as being reflective of Paris’ feelings about Lindsay. We’re dealing with two different people. It was Brandon who was speaking, of course there are moments when Paris was laughing, but she never said anything. Brandon was speaking for himself not for her. Personally,” he adds, “I found the incident unnecessary.”

As for Paris egging Brandon on and holding up her cell phone, Mintz says: “Paris uses her cell phone as a defensive tool. Many times when you see her photographed in a crowd situation, she puts it up to her ear so she doesn’t have to speak. In the cacophony and din of screaming, nobody could have had a telephone conversation. Reporters were asking her questions about Lindsay that she did not want to answer, so she put her cell phone up to her ear. Brandon was not speaking for Paris. Period.”

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(Images via Gossip Rocks)