Paris Hilton’s Legally Able to Drive Again

April 19th, 2007 // 7 Comments

So beware people! The socialite was thought to have violated her probation again by being spotted driving her Bentley again. However, according to her lawyer Howard Weitzman, her driving suspension had been lifted, allowing her back on the road.

By Jessica Marx

  1. SARAH

    Is that your Bentley drivin’ hat, Paris? So sophisticated……very out of place…..

  2. Shocker, she bought her way out of trouble…again.

  3. frenemy

    At first I was pissed about this. But then I looked for the silver lining and considered that she is MUCH more likely to die if she is driving her ridiculously powerful car w/ her ridiculously poor driving skills than if someone is chauffering her around.

    So congratulations P-hag! Why don’t you try and find out what your car’s top speed is?

  4. pilsbury

    NOT wearing a seat belt, tut tut tut!

  5. stunned

    Who the hell gave her a license back when she was just caught driving around without one? Yay for money!

  6. Big Rosie Greenbaum

    Paris Hilton is a bonafide sociopath. She cares about no one but herself, she lives completely in a fantasy world where she’s a HUGE star, and to her, the rest of the world is completely disposable, including anyone who gets in her way when she’s driving drunk. Plus, she’s very well aware that the entire world hates her skanky ass, and yet it doesn’t ever seem to bother her one little bit.

    I am absolutely positive Skankola will walk on May 4th, as all celebrities do in LA, she will just bribe the judge and prosecutors. Remember how Michelle Rodriguez did a whole hour and a half of prison time? Paris won’t do any time – I read somewhere that the if you get convicted, the judge literally asks you when you’d like to do your time. You have to actually make an appointment to go to fucking prison!!! They need to make LA another planet or something, cause it’s too friggin weird to be part of this world.

  7. canibaljoe

    how the hell is it that someone who drove AT NIGHT with a suspended licence and NO lights on,… would be able to get her licence back?!?!?!?!


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