Paris Hilton’s Heiress Status Fading Fast

July 30th, 2007 // 17 Comments

Paris Hilton’s grandfather, Conrad “Barron” Hilton, has apparently had enough of his 26-year-old granddaughter’s shenanigans and has taken steps to cut her out of her his will, barring the young heiress from getting her hands on nearly $59 million. Author of the “House of Hilton,” Jerry Oppenheimer claims that Barron has opted instead to leave the money to charity.

Oppenheimer said: “He was, and is, extremely embarrassed by how the Hilton name has been sullied by Paris.”

‘He now doesn’t want to leave unearned wealth to his family.”

So, now, I guess that Paris Hilton actually does need to have a job these days, since she’s pretty much botched up her career as an heiress. And the requirement for that was simply NOT TO F-UP ROYALLY. Seriously, that’s all she had to do and she got fired from it, basically. I can do that, and I don’t even have special training.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. newfgirl

    WAAAAAHHHH!!! Sorry, but what goes around, comes around.

  2. Sarah

    That would be such a beautiful & eloquent ending in a lesson in karma…….it if actually happens……*tapping fingers*

  3. Monica

    Did he just wake up from a coma? He must have missed the porn video, the racist comments, the herpes rumors, etc that have been public for years. Oh well, better late than never. Sadly, as dumb as she comes across, she’s very savvy at marketing herself (in spite of herself) so I doubt she’ll be flipping burgers anytime soon.

  4. Hmmm. Well, I hope that the story is untrue or that he is just posturing to save face.

    It’s a family business. Conrad Hilton created the family hotel business. Barron is simply a caretaker. And Barron had to contest his father’s will to get the millions.

    Now he wants to screw his family the same way that his father apparently did?

    Barron, give the money to your family. Quoting from Tombstone: “You gotta’ back your brother’s play.”

  5. I am a very happy man, this is the best news I could come home too. Nice one Grampa!!!

    Sadly it gets worse, how can it get worse I hear your cry???


    Time for Paris to get her head out of her arse and get a JOB! Her current account will not last long.

  6. MeanMomma

    Why do those pics on the bottom not even look like Paris? Is that her lame fake look-alike? Mattedhead Reid?

    Maybe it’s just the angle, but that girl looks too clean to be Paris.

  7. Pear

    Its gets better- Paris’ father and ALL of her siblings have been cut off- this must be killing her gold digger mother Kathy.

  8. nymphetomine

    Monica, you’re hilarious!!! i thought the same thing. at least , hopefully, this will follow through & Shithead, I mean Paris, will rot away.

  9. ZeldaF

    I agree with MeanMamma. The face is rounder than Paris’ and she doesn’t look as scrawny. On the other hand, or hands… the hands and feet ARE gargantuan…….. But she does look too clean to be Paris and the dress doesn’t look expensive enough. I’m befuddled.

  10. archi B

    That is sooo not Paris. Her face is the wrong shape, her hair is too yellow, and her teeth don’t look right.

  11. UPDATE – THIS STORY IS BOGUS….SADLY….Sorry people.

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