Paris Hilton’s Heiress Status Fading Fast

Paris Hilton’s grandfather, Conrad “Barron” Hilton, has apparently had enough of his 26-year-old granddaughter’s shenanigans and has taken steps to cut her out of her his will, barring the young heiress from getting her hands on nearly $59 million. Author of the “House of Hilton,” Jerry Oppenheimer claims that Barron has opted instead to leave the money to charity.

Oppenheimer said: “He was, and is, extremely embarrassed by how the Hilton name has been sullied by Paris.”

‘He now doesn’t want to leave unearned wealth to his family.”

So, now, I guess that Paris Hilton actually does need to have a job these days, since she’s pretty much botched up her career as an heiress. And the requirement for that was simply NOT TO F-UP ROYALLY. Seriously, that’s all she had to do and she got fired from it, basically. I can do that, and I don’t even have special training.