Paris Hilton’s Amazing Acting Abilities Have Backfired on Her

June 14th, 2007 // 5 Comments

Paris Hilton may have Barbara Walters fooled into thinking that her whole persona of being mentally vacant is just “an act,” but the problem is that it’s really hard to bring to mind any evidence to the contrary. Us Weekly decided to list a few bullet points that illustrate some of the high points of Paris’ “performance” as a dumb girl. They include her participation in a sex tape that ultimately hit the Internet without her knowledge (supposedly) as well as a reminder that Paris once asked in an episode of “The Simple Life” if Wal-mart was a place where walls could be purchased. Also:

– When asked the last name of a pal during a 2005 legal disposition, Hilton replied, “It’s, like, a weird Greek name. Like Douglas.”

– “I’m, like, not that smart,” the star admitted to police when she was interviewed about an unrelated criminal investigation last year.

Well, you have to admire this woman’s commitment to her role. That is some serious method-acting going on, if you ask me. But more than anything, all of this has me seriously questioning Barbara’s intelligence. Why on earth is she championing this nitwit?

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Me

    That video was soooo funnny!! lol

  2. An

    I’ve always liked the Barb’s barbed-tongue, but her recent interest in daytime talkshows, Hasselbeck and Paris makes me wonder if it’s the nerdy kid (como moi :) finally playing -

  3. T

    There’s been a great deal of evidence to the fact it is an act, the tone of her voice, diction and everything completely change.

  4. shadygoddess

    I think this girl – or at least her handlers – are pretty smart. I don’t think she’s that dumb.

    Think about it…. when Pamela Anderson and all these other sluts who have come before you made all this money by being a big-boobed, bottled blond acting like an airhead, you probably tend to think that there’s something proven to make a lot of money. So she follows in those footsteps.

    Why a Hilton needs the money is beyond me though. Perhaps Granpappy’s millions are drying up thanks to kathy? LOL!

  5. Bret

    I beg of you stop any further talk, reporting or comments about this selfish, no-talent – no nothing person. She has no relevance to life and I beg you to stop

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