Paris Hilton Wins Lawsuit, Apparently Still ‘Hot’

September 27th, 2010 // 1 Comment

Hallmark had a card that featured the likeness of Paris Hilton and her phrase, “That’s hot,” which she felt was violating her privacy and publicity rights.

Seriously, after a certain point, doesn’t a phrase become just part of the communal lexicon? According to a judge, no.

Hilton, seen above leaving her sentencing for her drug arrest earlier this month, asked for at least $500,000 in damages from the company, while Hallmark contended that their creation was parody protected under the First Amendment and fair-use laws.

Nay, said the judge. The terms of the settlement were not disclosed, but at least now she can pay for her OTHER court fees. Oh, who am I kidding…this bitch doesn’t need any more money.

By Justin Thompson

  1. elmo smidlap

    O leave Pheiress alone. Now maybe she can afford some stashitwear pocket boxer briefs so she can avoid being embarrased in public again. Then she would not have to spend her money on lawyers and she could spend it on me instead. Sounds good to me.

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