Paris Hilton Was the ‘Most Talked About’ Person in 2007

October 27th, 2007 // 5 Comments

Is anyone surprised that Paris was the most talked about? That’s how she maintains her fame, she relies on her surrounding buzz to keep her famous.

The most talked about person in TV, radio and print news for 2007, excluding politicans, was Paris Hilton, according to a survey by a Canadian communications company.

Socialite heiress Hilton came above the Queen as the personality with the most coverage in a survey of 632 million news items across 120 countries carried out by Influence Communications.

The survey found that the story that recieved the most coverage worldwide was the war in Iraq. U:S stories dominated the news agenda worldwide, making up 33 per cent of coverage. George W. Bush leads the world leaders in terms of news coverage over the period.

However, Britney Spears could still come out on top because the survey covered the period of January to mid-September 2007.


The list of the top 15 new stories of 2007 are after the jump.

1. War in Iraq

2. US 2008 presidential elections

3. Iran nuclear threat

4. War on Taliban

5. Blair’s exit from office

6. Virginia Tech shootings

7. Harry Potter, the final book

8. French general elections

9. G8 summit

10. Execution of Saddam Hussein

11. iPhone launch

12. Madeleine McCann’s disappearance

13. Paris Hilton in jail

14. Mattel recalls toys

15. Madonna’s adoption problems

By Michael Prieve

  1. Village

    Home girl’s got a pretty large tummy there. Is somebody getting FAT?

  2. sweetbee

    Um, I think Anna Nicole Smith’s death and the paternity aftermath got more press than Madonna’s adoption. Or Blair’s exit.

  3. Ostia Pyrosis

    Britney is going to own Paris. Bitch be crazy and all that jazz.

  4. found it

    paris hilton socialite model friend cory bernstein been hiniting on his myspace page he’s working on a jewelry collection she helped him with…
    hehe loves it, I FOUND IT and some good shit on there! cory gotta be talkin about Paris Hilton on the about us page. may get the ” XOC Hollywood bullet pendant “, it’s hollow,he must have had hilton’s help to stash drugs in. hehehe loves it

  5. Paris has no talent yet she keeps getting on the news. She’s a genius in some sort of sick way.

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