Paris Hilton Wants You To Love The Life You Live

January 24th, 2006 // 10 Comments

Easy for her to say. Who wouldn’t love the life of a sex-taped, Sidekick-stolen, cab-peeing, Bentley-crashing, lying socialite?

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. tellitlikeitis

    Why isn’t she skanking up Sundance???? Has she made too many enemies that no one want her there?

  2. just me

    how ’bout love my cock in your mouth?

  3. erica

    she couldn’t me more annoying! well paris, why don’t we get one of of those shirts for all the Katrina Victims, or the families of the 380 shooting victims in philadelphia last year, of how about natalee holloway’s mom…i don’t know whose dumber the creator of the shirt of the dumb bitch wearing it…there’s a good ?

  4. Fugly Girl

    I can’t stand this stupid skanky ho, but I do have to admit I admire her body. Where does she find time to work out between pissing in cabs, getting colonics, crashing Bentley’s and vidoetaping herself giving horrible bj’s?

  5. tocutetoscoot

    She has got to have the worst posture and the flattest ass on the planet! What a mess

  6. nedbat21

    what the hell is that big fluffy pink stick?

  7. monica

    looks like that dude in the background of the last picture is Jason from Laguna Beach??

  8. Girly Girl

    Can someone please explain to me the whole celebrities-peeing-their-pants phenomenon? When did this become cool? I must have missed the memo on that shit because I just think it is barf-o-rama that Paris and Fergie piss themselves… eeeeuuuwwww.

  9. Fugly Girl

    Monica I don’t think that is Jason Whaler. That dude’s clothes in the picture are way inflattering. I think Jason was more of a tight pants kind of guy vs. the super baggies we are seeing here.

  10. Anna

    Looks like the ass of her pants carries the same message. Gag. Could she suck any harder?

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