Paris Hilton Was Celebrating

January 18th, 2006 // 34 Comments

In a dirty dancing kind of way.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. doofus

    “look at me! look at me!”

    “I have no talent and I have to do things like this to get noticed!”

    sheesh, that girl is proof positive that money does NOT equal class.

  2. Lisa

    Is that her mom with her? Please tell me it’s not, although I would not be surprised.

  3. akflave

    When is this empty-headed bim ever NOT celebrating?

  4. Megarita

    wow…each and every day, she further proves her lack of self respect…

    i love how she does things like this, but acts completely offended when she’s offered a spread in playboy…who is she kidding? that would be a step up from past and current behavior

  5. PKZ

    Her not so high leg kick needs alot of work.

  6. tahlullah

    That is her mother–she’s wearing the same top that showed up as see-through in some photos. See-through with no bra. Great role model for Paris, or is Paris the role model for mom?

  7. ShoeSlut

    This is embarassing behaviour even for a sixteen year-old, imagine for a twenty-four year old! This idiot stick figure will be twenty-five next month… Twenty-five! How very embarassing…

  8. Katie

    So boring.

  9. nevermind

    She is a gross and disgustingly selfish and self centered. I am looking forward to the day when she is no longer a media darling and is tossed like the trash she is.

  10. King Smart Ian

    Without some guy’s cock in her mouth, how can we be sure its Paris Hilton?

  11. Paris Hilton is the reason the world hates America.

  12. desiree

    what a skank

  13. Jean Jeannie

    WHITE TRASH all the way! Why is this skank a media darling??? She is not pretty (notice the lazy eye) no T&A, dresses tackily, can’t even make it as a porn star….why the fascination?? I don’t get it…

  14. Fugly Girl

    Sometimes I wonder how this woman can stand to live with herself.

  15. Silasdog

    She is total human sewage!

  16. okay i just think paris hilton is the dumbest if not ugliest person to exist! I mean the only reason she’s famous is four having sex with some 30 year-old on nigh-vision! She who has ABSOLUTELY NO TALENT gets all this attention and people who actually are talented and are working very hard get no recognition… that says much about AMERICA! An her mother is a non-intelligent role model for her kids! I hope someday S00N we never have to hear about the hiltons again!!! EVER!

  17. Ann Davie

    Did you see how many people were taking photos of her? The words “exclusive” and “Paris” will never, ever be uttered in the same sentence.

  18. jenner

    king smart ian – I think I just pulled a muscle……
    2 things bother me here – one, DELUSION – all the people snapping pics with their camera phones – she thinks “wow, the people LOVE me, look how hot & sexy I am” – the people snapping think “oh man can’t WAIT to show my friends this drunken beaver shot…”
    number 2 – we’re ONLY ENCOURAGING THIS STUPID JACKASS AND ALL HER JACKASSERY by looking at these pics & making all these comments – if we TOTALLY IGNORED HER maybe just maybe she’d go away – but she DOES have that car wreck appeal…she makes my skin craaaaawl but I CANNOT LOOK AWAY……..

  19. Kangaroo-Jack

    I saw a South Park episode the other day (maybe its old im from Australia so we a bit behind) anyway everyone got the sh*ts at Cartman and started ignoring him completly, he ended up thinking he was dead and was just a ghost. Anyhow i was thinking that Paris Hilton is that f*!king stupid if people started ignoring her she’d prolly think the same thing….

    One could only hope this could happen…..

  20. jenner

    Kangaroo Jack – have you seen the Paris Hilton vs Mr SLave Whore-Off? – best ever

  21. Puffdaddy

    Will this dumb bimbo just go away?! Definitely bringing our country down in the eyes of Americans as well as every country that loves to hate ours. Who really gives a $hit what this woman does with her life? Her parents should be ashamed. Would never stay at one of their second rate hotels ever again.

    p.s. Nice lamb shank, honey…

    Her grandfather is “spinning” in his grave, no doubt…

  22. Antigone

    She’s no gifted dancer, stiff and awkward. He Mom’s fat arms, fake tits and gross nipples plopped out at the same party. These people are too vile to live.

  23. Cynthia

    So tell me again what is so exciting about a drugged out, drunken, STD infested whore acting like an idiot in public? Doesn’t she always act like an idiot in public?

  24. DevzAngel

    If God is merciful, a private jet carrying the entire Hilton clan will crash into the side of a mountain one day….

    P.S. I thought *I* was the only one who couldn’t understand why everyone thinks PH is beautiful! The previous poster was dead on: she DOES have a lazy eye!

  25. Chantelle

    Who cares what she does you people are oviously jelouse. Get a life.

  26. taytay


  27. Netty

    Keep your skanky legs shut, girl!! peee-uuuuuuu!

  28. kangaroo-Jack

    yeah Jenner i have seen the whore off with Paris Hilton and Mr Slave… I got a copy of it its f&%king hilarious! I always get that jingle in my head – “stupid spoilt whore video playset, show the whole world what a slut you are…..” They got that whole episode spot on! ha ha

    Actually i hate to admit it but my dogs name is Mr Biggles (from that episode) we thought the name was funny, and i like butters he is too cute.

  29. IHateSkanks

    Yeah sure, Chantelle, we are all jelouse. HAHAHAHA! We all want to be just like this slutty bitch! BTW it is spelled J-E-A-L-O-U-S

  30. Green Eyed Angel

    Oh, and don’t forget the O-B-V-I-O-U-S spelling error.
    And listen hun, most of us here on the post work hard, it’s fun to bust on celebrities during a break. If your life is that much more exciting get off the site and go save the world. The rest of us will continue picking up our paychecks and tearing apart the lifestyles of the rich and retarded.

  31. Pookie

    You guys MUST check out this article this dude wrote about Paris. Its called “Skank: The Paris Hilton Story” and its hilarious! Check it out at the link below.

  32. UB

    I’d fuck her!

  33. mery lose

    whats skank??

  34. katie

    ow fuckin sad can you get u all on ere slaggin paris off u say u hate her and shes ugly and borin so if shes tht ugly and borin why the fuck u all on ere tlkin bout her get ova it use are obvisouly all jelous or summert like tht if use r tht sad to waste ur tym slaggin her off sad twats its her life and if she wants to live it the way she is then she can hu r use lot to tell her ow to live her life!!!!!

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