Paris Hilton Uses Vanity For Promotion

Paris Hilton visited Vanity Saturday night, a club in Las Vegas’s Hard Rock Hotel for the kind of mutually beneficial relationship Paris likes. Vanity got publicity and Paris announced the launch of her new website

It’s possible the heiress is growing up as she was reportedly well behaved and drank only water even after a mystery benefactor bought 500 shots of Patron for everyone in the club.  My first thought is there’s a mini muffin on the way, but a source closed to her says that she only drinks water in public these days. Come on Paris, how are you going to stay relevant if you don’t start petty rumors or party like an eternal college girl? Perhaps Casey Johnson’s passing really made the reality star head for the straight and narrow.

The most entertaining thing she did was dance with her boyfriend Doug Reinhardt and introduce herself as the hostess in the third person before playing her song “Stars Are Blind.” Wait,  “Stars Are Blind”…launching at website…it is 2010, right?