Paris Hilton, Up For Auction

February 3rd, 2006 // 12 Comments

Apparently celebrities must top writing journals, because they keep getting stolen. Although, is anyone really interested in what Paris Hilton‘s deep thoughts are?

Paris Hilton is bracing for her biggest scandal since that 2003 sex tape – all because of an unpaid storage-locker bill. Tabloid media from Britain and the United States are lining up to buy secret diaries, hours of videotape, computers and hundreds of photographs that the hotel heiress left in a Los Angeles warehouse.

David Hans Schmidt, the Phoenix-based agent brokering the sale, called the locker’s contents “a King Tut’s tomb of scandal. I’ve never seen anything like this.” According to Schmidt, the storage facility gained title to the trove after Hilton failed to pay rent on her locker.

Schmidt said an unnamed individual bought the contents for $2,775 at a public auction in December. “This individual didn’t even know the stuff belonged to Paris Hilton till after he bought it,” said Schmidt, who has brokered sales of nude photos of Colin Farrell, Jamie Foxx, Tonya Harding, Paula Jones, Amber Frey and Katarina Witt.

Hilton insists the property is rightfully hers. “Monthly invoices were sent to her accountant, and they were paid up,” said her spokesman, Elliot Mintz. “Paris is very angry. She’s been victimized. These are private diaries and memories. It’s an awful thing.”

Mintz said Hilton learned her possessions were in play after a National Enquirer reporter told him the supermarket tabloid had been offered a peek at the inventory.

Schmidt said a top Los Angeles law firm has thoroughly vetted the auction. “There’s no way she can claim this is her property,” said Schmidt, who has contacted Sotheby’s and Christie’s about putting Hilton’s things on the block. “She’s welcome to bid on it. The high bid will win.”

What does this mean for the public? Paris Hilton won’t be going away anytime soon. What’s in those diaries and on those videotapes? Hollywood shudders.

‘King Tut’s tomb of scandal’ opens up as Paris’ secret diaries, tapes go on sale [Daily Dish]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. fizzix

    That was a great investment on his part. I think he should offer the items one by one on eBay with photos and juicy descriptions. That Parasite deserves it. (Nickname courtesy of Dlisted.)

  2. Fugly Girl

    Classic! Serves her right. What’s up with all the purple? Is she channeling Barney?

  3. Lily

    Its her damn fault – if she knew what was in there – she really dhouls have paid the bill. Her stupidity is just never ending………

  4. Hey Lilly… are you dyslexic?? If not, that’s funny… it took me a while to figure out what you were saying!

  5. Mariana

    I would love it so much if gossip blogs declared ONE Paris-free day. I’m so sick of that bitch.

  6. Cynthia

    Oh fer cryin’ out loud! This is just one more maneuver, orchestrated by the stupid bitch, to keep her name in the headlines. When will it end?

  7. kanga

    she is an attention whore. Im so tired of her. so many people have speculated she set this up to upstage Lindsays stolen diary… Paris is sooo lame, boring and predictible that nothing she does is even remotly shocking. Its so predicatlable she had to upstage Lindsay, everytime something happens in Hollywood she has to try and one up it for the attention.

    Is she so stupid that she dosnt realise that all attention isnt nesasarly good attention. – Actually why did i ask that of course she is!

    BTW thanks Mui for delivering such detail… A certain Paris Loving Blogger posted this story yesterday and it was basically an empty sympathy post for her.

  8. maggie

    I’m not sure who is worse, Paris, or Schmidt. Both are bottom feeders. He is the slimiest creature out there.

  9. adrienne

    GAWD!! another Paris story??? Has she ever had any relevance?? Someone please make her go away!!!

  10. chernit

    wait, is that that greek douchewad with her in the pics? damn, i’d a thought he’d a dumped her boring, lazy eyed ass by now.
    man, he must be one dumb puppydog for ol’ Parasite to be able to still keep him sniffing around her smelly butt. seriously, what is it with these greek guys? are they blown away because she’s american or something? i don’t get it.

  11. kanga

    they are prolly blown away that she is a highly sexual person… From what i can gather the sort of women you marry when your rich like Latsis and Starvos (i could be wrong in spelling) arnt like Paris (and if they are highly sexual they dont go flashing it all around in public liek she does, – just coz you are dosnt mean the whole world has to know) and thats prolly the appeal… I dunno for certian tho thats just my opinion.

    Oh and alot of guys do find her attractive… BLEH!

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