Paris Hilton Tries Acting Like a Grown-Up

Which as a woman approaching her thirties, she should probably go ahead and start doing. It seems that while Paris Hilton was at the same Fourth of July celebration as Lindsay Lohan in Malibu at the Polaroid Beach House party, she was on her best behavior towards Lindsay. This, of course, means that she wasn’t throwing around the name “Firecrotch” or trying to sleep with Lindsay’s boyfriend, which for Paris, is pretty generous indeed. According to a spy who dished to Page Six:

“Paris has decided to give Lindsay a second chance,” says a spy, noting that the two were cordial. “Paris was known as a bully … she would form alliances. If a friend didn’t like Lohan, then she wouldn’t like Lohan. But she’s through taking sides. She realized who her real friends were when she was in jail — and there weren’t many. Plus, she’s got to be in a good mood after the Blackstone Group bought the Hilton Hotels, boosting her inheritance.”

I wonder if Lindsay managed to tear herself away from the sight of a shirtless A.J. Lamas long enough to notice that Paris wasn’t trying to put gum in Lindsay’s hair, or toting around her “Burn Book.” Because, it sounds like Linds was very distracted by the physique of the son of Lorenzo Lamas, who was also in attendance at the shindig. Meanwhile, Dina Lohan wouldn’t leave Kathy Hilton alone, challenging her to keg-stands and body-shots. Just kidding! I have a feeling swimsuit competitions are more Dina’s style…


More photos of Paris Hilton shopping in Malibu after the jump.