Paris Hilton To Sing About Her Sex Tape

January 27th, 2006 // 28 Comments

Why can’t she just let it go? Why on earth a song about the sex tape? The sex tape really is what put her on the map. Why not address her racism, or her stupidity, or her ability to lose pets.

It appears sexy socialite Paris Hilton is taking her singing career very seriously.

Our pic shows the mega-rich hotel heiress leaving Warner Brothers Records in California yesterday after a meeting with record executives.

Earlier this month The Sun’s Victoria Newton singled out Paris to be the new Britney Spears.

Warner has put millions behind Paris and are making her an international priority act for the spring.

She has drafted in the incredible writing powers of Cathy Dennis, who penned chart-toppers Toxic for Britney and Can’t Get You Out Of My Head for Kylie Minogue.

Her debut album is set to feature a track called My Mistake – recorded about the famous sex footage of the heiress and her boyfriend which took the internet by storm.

Paris set for chart success [The Sun]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. ShoeSlut

    You know when you’re little and you’re told that if you don’t have anything nice to say, then you shouldn’t say anything at all? Well, I think I’m going to have to go against this saying — which I believe is valid — and state the following: This picture is so ugly, so gross, so digusting, so distorted and alien-esque, I did not think I could EVER find a human being to be so utterly repulsive.
    Back into nice mode, ShoeSlut…

  2. ihatecelebs

    “International Priority Act”? Good, let the rest of the world deal with this mess and spare us good, honest Americans.

  3. doofus

    sheesh…for all of her crying and ranting about that tape, she sure won’t let it die.

    which makes me wonder if she didn’t release it in the first place.

    that skank can’t even eat properly (well, FOOD anyway)…she’s got chocolate dripped on the front of her shirt.

    oh, and Miu?…next time, put SING in quotation marks.

  4. King Smart Ian

    When someone is described as the “new Britney Spears” I think the implication is that they are poor white trash likely to knocked up by a no-talent whigger. I’m thinking they’re right

  5. IfITypeItLooksLikeImWorking

    Thank God’s green grass Paris Hilton is not that famous in the UK – i can almost tolerate Jordan now that she is married with 2 kids, but I think I would immigrate if Paris was as “famous” over here as she is in the US

  6. MJ

    God, she thinks she looks so sexy doing that… but all she makes me want to do is grab that stick and shove it down her nasty throat. (not that she’s not used to that already).

  7. tido

    even if she can ‘sing’,she dances like she’s in a state of rigomortis

  8. Girly Girl


    Aren’t we in, like, Minute 27 of her 15?

    Two Words: Skanky Whore

    And if I were Paris (oh thank God I’m not) I would fire my media minion for allowing me to be referred to as ‘the new Britney Spears.’ Britney- tank top, barefoot, gas-station-bathroom Britney? What a slap in the face…

  9. Lisa

    As long ass people keep writing about her and taking pictures of her she’s not going anywhere.

    Let’s all Boycott Paris!!! Who’s printing the shirts?

  10. Laurie

    That picture was taken a few days ago at Sundance in Park City UTAH!! Warner Bros my ass!
    Look at Perez Hilton’s website to see that picture a few days ago.
    Bullshit story planted by Paris and her cluelesspublicist who’s currently featured in a court case because HE’S such a liar!

  11. paris' chihuahua

    hate to say this but i kinda like her. don’t know why. i find her vaguely interesting. she is really pretty too. and she’s funny. someone should put her in a really good comedy like “something about mary”. oh, well, maybe i am the only one who likes her.

  12. Unknown

    How in the heck can you like this worthless excuse for a human being? Tell me, what can you find about her that has any value? She is an uneducated, brain dead whore! Can’t even make it through high school? Calls people niggers, is constantly photographed either pulling her clothes (what little she wears) up or down to flash her body parts, or crawling over some guy-of-the-moment. Is so immature, one could swear she was mentally retarded! What has she ever done that is worthwhile? I ache for this country when I think of all the misguided little girls out there who look up to this trash! Sigh!

  13. Fugly Girl

    I saw an interesting clip on Extra the other night. Same party, she was picking up all kinds of free stuff and was telling the cameraman, “No filming, no filming.” She didn’t want everyone to see her picking up all this free crap. What a douche bag. Just admit that you are a talentless ho that takes handouts.

  14. Pablo

    How about her ability to wear oversized sunglasses… damn they are huge!!

  15. ilostmyshoe

    You know what’s going to be a gas ? Seeing this broad in 20 years. But by then I won’t care.

  16. Slacker

    We’re never going to get rid of her, are we? Well, at least we can take comfort in the fact that we know how ugly and worthless she is. She is kind of like that girl in school that everyone pretends to like when she’s around, but behind her back we all say horrible things about her. The sad/funny part is, she really has no idea what a joke she is.

  17. doofus

    no, we probably won’t ever get rid of her. she’ll be like Janice Dickinson…fighting the aging with all she’s got while at the same time dissing the younger set for not “respecting” their elders.

    ilostmyshoe…I think seeing her in 20 years will be hilarious. if only we didn’t have to live with her inanity for another 20 and could just jump to the future.

  18. ilostmyshoe

    You’re right doofus.

    20 years of Paris..I don’t think I could take that.

  19. Cynthia

    Twenty years of this ho? YECH! I was about to ask how many more stupid stunts could she come up with, but then she probably could! Her 15 minutes were up several years ago….

  20. aprincess

    She’s F-in Disguesting! By the way #9(Lisa), I have a shirt I got in NYC that says Fuck Paris on it. There needs to be more shirts. Ever hear of Cafe Press? People can create shirts and Bumper stickers there and sell them. She may not care what people think, but the other famouse people who are “friends” with her do, and if they see that the rest of us don’t like her, they won’t hang out with her anymore. And if there’s anything I can suggest,m It’s DON’T buy her album!!! When Mariah’s Album at Virgin Bombed, they ended up dropping her. But of course Mariah has talent so she came back better than ever. The Point is, Don’t support her career with your money, and everyone in the industry will stop working with her.

  21. lady

    I think that it’s sad that thousands of talented actors never get a chance to break into the mainstream but Paris Hilton does. Thousands of amazing singers would never get a record deal but she did. Thousands of beautiful women would never make it in the modeling industry but she did. Only because she was born to the right family Here is a woman who has no looks, no brains, no skill, no humor and absolutely nothing going for her and yet she so famous and rich.

  22. creamy

    r u guys nuts? paris is so hot. I wnat her to do some suckie suckie on my dickie dickie. I came just looking at her. did u ppl see the tape in question? hot stuff…

  23. Earlier Paris was working with ex-Go-Go / PETA phreak Jane Wiedlin, & said she wanted her CD to sound like a cross between Blondie & the Go-Gos. But the track I heard sucked

  24. i hope she gets addicted to that chocolete and gains a bunch of weight

  25. Cynthia

    The reason this ugly, untalented piece of trash gets all these deals is because of her last name and also because everyone is always swayed by wealth. People have no clue as to the differenece between quality and crap, which is why we are bombarded with this dummy. She never has, and never will get one cent of my hard earned money!

  26. bom bom

    OMG Paris Hilton RULES!!!!!!!!! I’ll buy her CD cause she’s hot unlike some of y’all who’s hating cause she has what you don’t (money)

  27. paris rox!!

    ok first of all, had that pic first and it was taken at sundance, so if u guys can’t even get a picture right, y should i beleive what im reading!! and she can damn well write a song about that tape, if she wants, writing is therapeutic, and maybed it’s HER way of finally dealing with it!! so all u paris haters can fuck off!!!

  28. Lisa

    Okay look she is 26 and she can and will do as she pleases. She dont have to read and listen to all this crap you paris haters say.She rules and if she were my sister or even friend i would be the ahppiest girl in the world ! So you guys can take your trash talk and go some where who appriciates you.And paris if you read this please e-mail me! PEACE OUT

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