Paris Hilton Thinks Quite Highly Of Herself

July 18th, 2006 // 10 Comments

We’ll let Paris Hilton speak for herself.

“There’s nobody in the world like me,” the partying heiress told the Times of London. “I think every decade has an iconic blonde — like Marilyn Monroe or Princess Diana — and right now, I’m that icon.”

She didn’t stop there. “There’s a lot of heiresses out there, and I don’t see any of them doing what I’ve done,” she continued,” she said. “I have so many projects — bags, fragrances, make-up. I go round the world every three days, designing and personally approving it all. I’ve got movies to make, a tour, TV shows. Every day of my life is scheduled until the end of 2007.”

What’s more, Hilton claims that feuds between her and other celebs — such as Lindsay Lohan — are publicity stunts designed to capitalize on her fame. “All those stories are made up. You know how shy I am … Well, non-confrontational,” she said. “Certain girls just use me to get media attention because a feud with Paris Hilton always gets press.”

More photos of a young Paris Hilton, after the jump.


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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Why does it seem like Paris has boobs in these pictures??? tissues?

  2. Girle74

    Marilyn and Diana both died tragic deaths at an early age, interesting choice of blonde icons to compare herself to.

  3. delicious_dysfunktion

    Boy,that ugly slut has some nerve…

  4. johnpaul

    that damn bitch got some balls. she could never be marilyn or diana how dare she compare herself to them. they where both beautiful, smart women who got to where they were at in life dued to hard work. i wish i could spit in your face you stupid bitch! stars are blind and your tone deaf you skinny whore close your legs hurricane season is over

  5. teeps

    oh purlease,its a known fact that Monroe was a hoe(didnt she sleep with the president?) and there are lots of rumours(some proved TRUE) that Princess Diana slept around whilst married.

    Paris was probably saying it in jest,NOONE would ever say that and seriously mean it. YOU PEOPLE just like to be outraged from time to time. What does she have to do?pull a angelina? adopt some kids, then can she go stealing married men and be applauded for her goodwill work! GET OVER IT!

    She is far from the worst person on earth, I think she draws alot of hostility because she’s an heiress and enjoying her 20′s by having FUN.


  6. missy

    teeps, marilyn had class. when she posed nude, it was tasteful and beautiful and took place in the proper setting. she was a rebel for doing that and it inspired so many women even to this day. she didn’t “lose” a sex tape before her series started nor did she flash her crotch during the release of her single. paris hilton is a phase of interest to the american public. not an icon to anyone over the mental age of 14.

  7. tocutetoscoot

    Still ugly after all these years.

  8. michelle

    i hope that paris not an icon. it is shame that she would sell herself out like that for a lonely life in the busy and unforgiving world of hollywood. i have no doubt that her media attention is all publicized. she is a pity to herself and her family.

  9. Frankee

    I’m tired of this no talent bimbo and have been since she emerged on the scene. What exactly is she famous for? An extremely well-off Daddy, a nose job and a sex video (that she CLAIMS was released without her knowledge…. yeh, right.) She certainly isn’t famous for any talent. The media keeps posting articles about her though, thereby keeping her in the public eye, hence the continued interest. No talent hacks fade quickly once the media leave them alone. Sadly, lots of $$ = advertising/media manipulation so, unless Daddy runs low on cash soon, we can all “look forward” to seeing more of this, what was it I heard it called, “trailer trash in couture.” Marilyn Monroe and Princess Diana? What an idiot..

  10. ffordegroupie

    teeps, the difference is that they did their affairs in a semi-private manner (rather than deliberately flashing their cooches and leaking sex tapes), and they both contributed something to the world, be it entertaining acting/singing, or charitable work. Even when Marilyn posed nude, it was tasteful and non-slutty.

    Would it be morally wrong of me to hope that she gets squashed by a meteor?

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