Paris Hilton Suing Website, When She Should Be Jumping On The Bandwagon With It


Seriously, if this idiot doesn’t have enough money to pay her STORAGE LOCKER RENT, then her dumb ass needs to be making money off That is, assuming she has two brain cells to rub together to figure that out.

Instead, Hilton’s legal team placed a federal lawsuit on the site which features all the shiznit ol’ girl thought would be sensible to store in a locker that’s not at her house. As you probably already know, there were private pictures, videos, medical records and of course, Herpes medication. And I love that her storage of her Valtrex in the locker is a pretty good indication that she wasn’t taking it. The AP reports that Paris issued a statement along with the suit:

“I was appalled to learn that people are exploiting my and my sisters’ (sic) private personal belongings for commercial gain,” Hilton said in a statement accompanying the lawsuit, according to the AP. She said she feared the information – which includes credit card receipts and her passport – could be used “to steal my identity, or even worse, to harass or stalk me.”

Oh blah, blah, blah. Pay your rent next time, like the rest of us.

More photos of Paris Hilton on the set of her new film after the jump.