Paris Hilton Set To Retire In Two Years

June 14th, 2005 // 8 Comments

Say it isn’t so. The woman who considers herself a businesswoman and a brand, plans to give up the public life to focus on starting family. It’s almost harder to imagine Paris Hilton as a mom, than it is to imagine Britney Spears being a mom. At least we know that Paris’ child will be dressed well.

But Hilton says she plans to give up her public life in two years, by which time she expects to become a mother with her fiance, Paris Latsis.

“I don’t enjoy going out anymore,” she says in the June 20 issue of the magazine, on newsstands Monday. “It’s such a pain. It’s everyone saying, `Let’s do a deal! Can I have a picture?’ I’m just, like, `These people are such losers. I can’t believe I used to love doing this.’”

Look for these plans to drastically change as soon as she and Paris Latsis have broken up. Unless they marry quick, it’s not going to happen.

Paris Hilton Plans to Give Up Public Life [AP]

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. A Boy and His Dog

    I writing my congressman to see if there is anything we can do to speed this process up! Two years if far to long to wait for her to drop off the map.

  2. AER

    “At least we know Paris’ child will be dressed well”, AND HAVE GINORMOUS FEET! GEEZ! LOOK AT THOSE THINGS!

  3. blah

    shell have this kid and treat it like a magic bottle baby…
    then get bored and hand it to her servants…
    and conveniently lose it like her chihuhaha…

    and i think its hilarious how she complains about them wanting to take her pictures…especially when the bitch took a course on how to pose…
    haha and she still poses…for every fucking one..
    god damnit…erase her someone..
    just kill her.. and make sure u do it in california so u can get off on all 10 counts..

  4. Maria

    Wow! Maybe prayer really does work! I am praying and praying and praying that this useless, narcissistic whore goes away! But what’s up with her trying to reproduce? I mean, how many useless, shallow, racist, materialistic whores does the world need?

  5. miguelito

    SHE NEEDS THAT GREEK MONEY, YOU GUYS!! leave her alone!

  6. Mouse

    Retire? I thought you actually had to work before you could retire.

  7. LaLa

    I dont understand she is retiring from. I mean for someone who “really enjoys ” what she does, she is giving it all up pretty quick. She’s only been really famous for two years. I wonder how long Lindsay “Skinny” Lohan will last.

  8. medea

    she needs to retire her hairstylist. Her extensions are alawys showing. Can we sign a petition so she can go away.

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