Paris Hilton Receives Visitors in Jail

Being behind bars has put a damper on Paris Hilton’s social calendar, but that doesn’t mean she’s completely by her lonesome these days. Her sister, Nicky, visited her sister on Sunday and brought Paris’ ex-boyfriend, Stavros Niarchos, along with her. They met up with the jailed heiress on Sunday at a medical ward of the Twin Towers facility in downtown L.A. for half an hour. When Nicky was questioned by reporters on what she discussed with her sis, she responded that she told Paris to “be strong.” Visiting days are Tuesdays and Sundays, and Hilton’s parents are expected to stop by on Tuesday. Paris also received a phone call from Barbara Walters and I’m sure it was a truly rousing and evenly-matched meeting of the minds.

Most recently, TMZ reported that Paris is “still crying but a lot less.” However, her appetite isn’t exactly hearty and the only food she seems interested in eating is bread and cereal. Damn, jail is rough. They make you eat CARBS!


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