Paris Hilton Really Is Lame

For those of you who haven’t received your Christmas card from the Hilton’s yet this is what you can expect.


[via Defamer]

Paris Hilton was in a T-Mobile store recently with Lindsay Lohan, and as Cyndi Lauper would say, her true colors were shining through. She was wearing Uggs, dissed Hilary Swank, called Trishelle from The Real World lame (well, you can’t argue with that one) and called everything hot.

Paris was completely done up in full makeup and false eyelashes. Lindsay looked a little wrecked but is overall a cute girl with a great rack. They were both wearing these nasty fugly uggs in the midst of the 85 degree heat.

One of the clerks asked Paris why she’s constantly followed by the stalkerazzi when Academy Award winner Hilary Swank was in the store the other day and nobody cared. Paris said it’s because “Hillry is ugly.” Damn, bitch, that’s rough. Lindsay said “Yeah but she’s a good actress.”

The poor girls had to be locked in the T-Mobile store due to a storm of paparazzi hounding them outside. It sucks to be a Hilton.